Never Buy Shoes From This Company, Officials Warn

The Better Business Bureau has received more than 7,600 inquiries into this online shoes store.

With just the click of a button, you can get virtually anything sent to your front door nowadays. Not only do you no longer need to deal with crowds to shop, but you also don't have to worry about going to several different stores just to find the item you want in stock. However, as easy as online shopping makes our lives, it comes with some real risks, too. Photos of products can be deceiving, so there's always the chance you'll get something sent to you that looks nothing like what you thought you were buying—or even worse, paying for something that never even arrives. That appears to be the case for one online shoe store, which officials are now warning consumers about. Read on to find out which company you should never buy shoes from, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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The BBB is warning customers about buying shoes from Sneakfoot.

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The BBB issued a warning about the online shoe store Sneakfoot on June 8. On its "FAQ & About" page, the company refers to itself as an "established online shop for authentic street-wear, sneakers, handbags, and more." Despite promises of easy returns and exchanges within 30 days and "100% authentic, genuine, and original" products, the BBB says they have received more than 7,600 inquires into the company since June 2020 and more than 450 consumer complaints alleging that they have made purchases from but "never received the products or a refund."

According to the agency, the vast majority of customer complaints come from California, New York, Florida, Virginia, Texas, Washington, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. However, there's been an impacted customer in almost every U.S. state.

Customers say Sneakfoot doesn't respond via phone or email to concerns about missing items.

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According to the BBB, the telephone number advertised as the contact line for Sneakfoot directs customers to send any communication via email to [email protected]. The website also states that "any claims against product authenticity should be made immediately … and emailed to our customer service team at: [email protected]," but customers say their emails to that address go unanswered.

"I ordered a pair of shoes a couple months ago but I haven't received them and they don't respond to my emails anymore asking for a refund on my order," one complainant reported to the BBB.

Another costumer claims to have tried to contact the company through multiple outlets. "I've emailed, texting, tried calling and DMing this company," the customer reported. "They need to refund my money and take their website down. It's been a month and they never responded or anything."

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Sneakfoot is reselling shoes from major brands for hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

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The Sneakfoot website indicates that the company specializes in the resale of shoes from major brands such as Jordan, Nike, Yeezy, and Adidas, as well as other well-known companies. And the prices aren't exactly cheap. There are listings for shoes being sold for hundreds of dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars. A pair of Authentic Jordan 1 Retro Dior Low shoes are being advertised on the site for $12,500. (These shoes start at $7,725 on other established websites.)

"The Better Business Bureau strongly encourages consumers to use caution when dealing with online retailers, especially with extremely high mark ups on items being sold," the BBB says.

The BBB says Sneakfoot has stopped responding to them.

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Sneakfoot doesn't appear to be responding to customers or the BBB. "At this point, the company has stopped responding to any complaints sent from BBB," the agency states. The company claims to be located in Glen Allen, Virginia, but the address provided on the website is a UPS store, per the BBB. The agency also says that through further research, they've determined that the website for Sneakfoot is registered out of of Canada.

"The internet is a two-edged sword: Great to communicate and learn, and great to swindle and cheat. You must research, research, research," Barry N. Moore, CEO of the BBB serving Central Virginia, said in a statement. "Failure to do so too often ends up in being scammed."

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