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Ex-Walmart Employee Warns This is the One Question to Never Ask

Next time you head to your local store, avoid asking employees this.

If you shop at Walmart, chances are you've interacted with someone who works there. In the U.S. alone, Walmart employs nearly 1.6 million associates who oversee operations, man the registers, stock shelves, and perform managerial duties, among other responsibilities. Customer care is key for many big retailers, including Walmart, which lists "Service to the Customer" as one of its foundational beliefs. But according to one former Walmart employee, there is one thing you should avoid asking certain workers while shopping. Read on to find out what question won't get you very far the next time you head to your local store.

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This isn't the first time a Walmart employee has shared behind-the-scenes intel.

walmart customers at registers

As a one-stop shop for everyday necessities, Walmart boasts a dedicated base of shoppers and bargain hunters. And former employees have aimed to help out by sharing secrets, tips, and tricks that customers would otherwise be unaware of on social media. One previous worker took to TikTok, posting a video about the self-checkout machines, which are programmed to display warning messages if you are purchasing an item that is age-restricted or recalled, or if you've missed a scan. A separate video from another ex-employee also claimed that Walmart workers can actually pause your self-checkout process due to concerns about theft or skipped scans. Now yet another previous employee has addressed secrets about Walmart, including a common request that will likely not be met.

Walmart employees are unlikely to do this if asked.

Walmart supermarket employees are sorting the products. Up the floor to allow customers to conveniently shop for products

Former Walmart employee Paris Mars, known by her social media handle HeyParis, took to YouTube to discuss her time as a Walmart employee. In a video on her personal channel, she cautions shoppers against asking Walmart associates to check for an item in the back.

If you're hoping for extra inventory hidden somewhere on storage shelves, you may be out of luck. While this may not apply to all Walmart employees, HeyParis said it is unlikely that the typical associate will actually go and check for you. "They're going to go to the back, they're going to talk to their friends, and come right back out," she said.

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Mars recommends taking another approach to look for inventory.

walmart employee with cart
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According to HeyParis, if you need someone to check the back, your best bet is talking to one of the employees who work in the back area of the store. These are the employees who generally move larger boxes and crates often using a wheeled platform or a dolly.

"If you ask one of them, they're more likely to actually look in back for the product you're looking for than an actual Walmart employee," she explained.

Alternatively, you can approach an employee with a price gun. The associate can then check on the spot to see how many items the store currently has in stock. And while it seems like common sense, being kind and polite when speaking with associates or management may help your case.

"Be nice to the managers and you will always, always, always get your way," HeyParis said. "If you talk with a normal voice and you're just explaining stuff, I promise you the managers will respect you and will do anything in their power to make you happy."

The social media user issued other warnings about employee training.

walmart electronics section
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In the same video, HeyParis stated that Walmart employees are not fully trained before being assigned to a specific department, claiming that employees "learn as we grow." Aside from the electronics department, where employees are typically hired by the phone companies themselves, Walmart associates are also unable to answer product-related questions. HeyParis alleges that Walmart instructs employees to "read the box" for products, in the event a customer asks for help.

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