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These Temperature Regulating Sheets Might Be the Best Way to Get a Good Night's Sleep

These sustainably produced temperature regulating sheets are so worth it.

In theory, the human body lowers its temperature during sleep. In fact, however, for many people, their body temperature will dip as much as two degrees Fahrenheit as they sweetly slumber. Personally, when I sleep, I'm going for colder—much colder. I want to be chiseled out of a block of ice in the morning, but I also refuse to relinquish the menagerie of blankets I sleep under. Oh, it's a complicated life, this one!

To make matters worse, I share my sleeping space with a partner whose nighttime body temperature vacillates between "feverish" and "interior of a kiln." I once saw our daughter trying to roast a marshmallow on his back, only to run away in terror when it caught fire.

As such, we're faced with a conundrum: How exactly are we supposed to keep the bed cool enough so he's not reduced to a pile of ash in the night and keep it comfortable enough so that I can maintain my blanket igloo? As it turns out, the answer was a set of sheets.

When I was sent The Regulator sheets from My Sheets Rock to review, I was initially skeptical. After all, I've been on this planet for roughly 1,000 years—one would hope I know how to purchase appropriate sheets. How naïve I was.

From the outside, these sustainably-produced bamboo-rayon sheets look pretty standard. My set was white (they also come in navy, sand, cream, and stone), it fit my bed, and it didn't seem to be haunted by an ancient curse—a good start, right out of the box. I washed and dried them (they did leave a bit more fluff in my dryer than your average sheet set; life is full of sacrifices, I know) and put them on my bed. I was in for the ride of my life—you won't believe what happened next.

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My Sheets Rock

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Kidding! I slept like my cat does when she curls up on my laptop—comfortably, serenely, and with a furious intensity that was definitely going to cause me to miss a deadline. While I've purchased sets of bamboo sheets in the past, these ones were, without a doubt, the softest ones I've ever slept on. They have a silky quality to them, but without that incredibly icky feeling that silk sheets sometimes have where they cling to your skin (is this a problem for anyone else? Do I need better moisturizer?).

So, you're probably wondering if they deliver on their temperature-regulating promises. The good news? They do. My husband, a man I've heard bemoan the cost of toothpaste, liked them so much he wants to buy another pair. As for the company's other claims, they sheets are indeed light, stretchy, and breathable. And while I can't attest to their moisture-wicking ability or humidity control (I'm not a scientist!), or their birthday suit approval (I'm at work here, guys) or their ability to minimize stink (shower before bed, you heathens), they're genuinely excellent sheets. If you don't happen to agree, My Sheets Rock has you covered with a 90-day money back guarantee. Sweet dreams!

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