USPS Is Closing Post Offices for "Safety"

The postal agency is initiating new closures on top of ongoing ones.

These Are All the Walmart Locations Closing

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Target Is Under Fire Over Gift Cards

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Mom Forgot to Pack Her Own Clothes

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"Family Feud" Contestant Charged With Wife's Murder After Joking on Show His Biggest Mistake Was Saying "I Do"

The estranged husband of an Illinois woman found dead in her home has been charged.

Dentist Accused of Poisoning His Wife

James Toliver Craig has been arrested and charged with first degree murder of his wife, Angela.

IRS Warns About "Deeply Troubling" Credits

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Woman Trolled For Her Eyebrows

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Disabled "Sweetheart" Aunt Starved to Death at Group Home, Family Claims

"If they would have fed my aunt, my aunt would be living today."

Stalked Podcaster Lived in Fear

"Every police chief's worst nightmare."

USPS Is Suspending Services in These Places

These are the latest post office closures to be aware of.

Invasive Pythons Are Spreading in the U.S.

The snakes are wreaking havoc on local ecosystems and threatening to wipe out indigenous species.

Woman Charged With Felony Hurling Avocado

It's not the first time Karleen Jame Biswanger has tangled with the law.

Retired Teacher Loses Life Savings in Scam

She lost $200,000 when she was buying a townhouse.

Alleged Killer Bryan Kohberger's Real Plan

An Emmy award-winning journalist shares her theory that three out of the four University of Idaho students were "collateral damage."

TikToker Shares Wedding Rules

TikToker Moyo Ajibade has eight strict rules for his wedding and many people agree. 

Nurse Took Ozempic to Lose 50 Pounds

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Woman Refused to Give Up Her Window Seat

It's common for people to ask to switch seats on a flight, but here's why one TikToker is going viral about it. 

Students Created Deepfake Video of Principal

The videos were fake, but parents assailed the school district for downplaying what they say is a real threat.

Shocking New Revelations After Mysterious Body of Teen Who Was Found Dead Near Murdaugh Home Set to Be Exhumed

Stephen Smith's mom started a GoFundMe in order to perform a new autopsy on her son, Stephen