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This Is the Most Popular Cat Name in Every State

Find out which common cat names are shared across several states.

Cats are elusive animals, but to their owners, choosing a name can be something very special, like a dedication to a beloved family member or an old friend. Or they might go with a fun, cutesy name like the ever popular "Kitty." Whatever they choose, most of the time, they won't be the only ones to choose it. According to a 2015 Veterinary Pet Insurance survey, as provided by Vocativ, many states share the same most common cat names. Sorry to all the Bella cat owners out there, but your feline friend's name is just not that unique! Read on to learn the most popular cat name in every state.

Alabama: Lucy

persian cat lying by laptop at the working space

If you're naming your feline friend Lucy, you're not alone. This popular cat name is short for Lucille, meaning "light" in French.

Alaska: Pepper

This cat's breed is American Burmese

Is there some salt to go with your many Peppers, Alaskans? This spicy name comes from the Sanskrit word pippali, meaning "berry."

Arizona: Max

woman holding cat in car

Max is a common cat name in Arizona, and it's a great one, too—literally. The name Max comes from Latin origins and simply means "greatest."

Arkansas: Jasper

cute little orange kitten with light brown eyes laying down and looking at the camera as her owner is petting her on a bed.

If you live in Arkansas, you might have a cat named Jasper. This Persian name means "treasurer," so it's not hard to see why so many people would give this name to their treasured fur friend.

California, Colorado, and Connecticut: Bella

pretty young woman relaxing at home

There must be a lot of beautiful cats in these states! This Italian name meaning "beautiful" is one of the most popular cat names.

Delaware: Misty

cute kitty in woman hands relaxing, being spoiled by her taken outdoors, lifestyle shot.

In Delaware, the name Misty is very popular for cats. Both a standalone name and a nickname for Michelle or Melissa, this English name simply means "mist" or "light fog."

Florida: Lucy

owner playing with cute funny cat at home

Just like those in Alabama, Florida residents like to give the name Lucy to their house cats. But those are not the only kinds of cats you'll find in Florida. The Florida panther is the most endangered animal in North America.

Georgia: Bailey

a man sitting on the floor petting his cat

Georgia may be the Peach State, but the cats aren't named Peaches here. Most of them are named Bailey, which comes from the word bailiff, meaning "law enforcer."

Hawaii: Chloe

shot of a couple with their cat at home

In Hawaii, you're likely to come across a Chloe cat. Most commonly a feminine name, Chloe is a Greek name meaning "blooming" or "fertility."

Idaho: Oliver

beautiful cat in arms of her owner standing by the window at home.

We hope these Olivers have a lot of company! The name, which has Latin origins, relates to an "olive tree," which symbolizes beauty and dignity.

Illinois: Tiger

woman and cat playing in a green grass field

No, Illinoisans aren't keeping actual tigers as pets, but they are naming their cats that way! And if you head to the state, you might find one of the oldest living cats: Tiger, an orange cat who is 31 years old.

Iowa: Gracie

man hugging cute cat and looking at camera

In Iowa, you might find some graceful cats. After all, most of the cat owners in this state name their cats Gracie, which is inspired by the name Grace, meaning "eloquence."

Indiana and Kansas: Charlie

a girl wearing eyeglasses with her arms around her tabby cat

Cats are pretty free-roaming creatures, and Indiana and Kansas know that. These states share a love for the cat name Charlie, which means "free man."

Kentucky: Max

beautiful asian girl playing with american short hair cat on the bed

Just like Arizona, Kentucky residents have an affinity for the name Max. And it doesn't seem like a bad name for the wildcats in this state either, seeing as Max Duffy is the punter for the University of Kentucky Wildcats football team.

Louisiana: Patches

crop view at anonymous woman holding beautiful bengal cat looking at camera in studio.

Perhaps there are a lot of spotted cat in this state? The name Patches is a popular one among the spotted-cat community—and across Louisiana.

Maine: Max

Maine Coon cat on white background, close-up view

You might find a Maine Coon cat named Max in this state, seeing as it's the state cat—recognized as such in 1985.

Maryland: Chloe

young woman is resting with a cat on the armchair in the garden

Just like Hawaii, those in Maryland are a big fan of naming their cats Chloe. But the state cat? It's the calico cat! So, perhaps you'll meet a calico cat called Chloe?

Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, and Missouri: Bella

Man with his cat

These states all have one thing in common: They love the name Bella! But unlike the other states, Massachusetts also has a state cat—the tabby cat.

Mississippi: Sebastian

cat cuddling with owners hand

Perhaps the people in Mississippi are big fans of The Little Mermaid? The Latin-inspired name means "venerable."

Montana: Orion

happy mature woman cuddling small kitten while working in flower plant nursery.

Montana's favorite star-sounding name is certainly unique. In Roman mythology, Orion was a hunter, which is a fitting name for a cat.

Nebraska: Oscar

shot of a beautiful young woman enjoying a cuddle with her cat

Perhaps these Nebraskan cats were destined for cinematic glory! Oscar, the name used most often in this state, is of English origins and means "friend of deer."

Nevada: Cleo

woman with her cat at home relaxing

This popular Nevadan name has a historical background. Short for Cleopatra, it's a powerful name meaning "glory."

New Hampshire and New York: Oliver

Young man with cat

While New Hampshire and New York share a favorite cat name, New Hampshire differs with its state cat: the bobcat. (New York, sadly, doesn't have one.)

New Jersey: Max

photo of a grandfather and his granddaughter petting their Maine Coon cat. Beautiful autumn day.

We hope you're not maxed out by how many times you've seen this name on the list, because it's New Jersey's top cat name as well.

New Mexico: Simba

owner playing with cute funny cat at home

We assume the people of New Mexico have seen The Lion King one too many times. This Swahili name literally means "lion."

North Dakota: Boots

beautiful smiling brunette girl and her cat.

There's only two things you need when it's winter in North Dakota: your snow boots and your cat, Boots.

North Carolina and Ohio: Bella

woman holding two cats outside

North Carolina and Ohio are nothing special here—like many other states (with residents who may have seen Twilight too many times) their favorite cat name is Bella.

Oklahoma: Lola

portrait of a domestic cat

This trendy name is unique to Oklahoma. Coming from Spanish origins, the name means "lady of sorrows."

Oregon: Lily

young asian woman with her pet persian cat bumping head together with love

The people of Oregon are fond of naming their cats Lily. This typically feminine name, also given to a flower, means "pure."

Pennsylvania and Rhode Island: Bella

older man sitting at home with his cat.

Sorry, there are more "beautiful" cats to go around. Pennsylvania and Rhode Island residents also frequently find themselves using the name Bella for their cats.

South Carolina: Lucy

Siberian forest cat having a bath, Europe. NIKON D3X, 24.0-70.0 mm f/2.8. Copy space. No logo.

Not only can you find a lot of cats named Lucy in South Carolina, but you can also find the world's largest living cat: Hercules, an adult male liger.

South Dakota: Bailey

 little girl hangs out with her Scottish Fold cat. Her hand and the cat's paw are touching, demonstrating their love for each other. They are both very relaxed and lying on a couch in their home.

This state must have a lot of protectors! Just like Georgia, those in South Dakota are very fond of the name Bailey.

Tennessee: Zoe

close up of woman hands holding cute white cat. Focus on animal

This short and sweet name, meaning "life" in Greek, is what you'll find most Tennessee cats being named.

Texas: Bella

cat adopted by lovely woman

These Southern belles in Texas have a common cat name: Bella!

Utah: Lily

sick chinchilla persian kitten cat worrying in examining and leaning on woman owner shoulder to go to see veterinarian doctor at vet clinic. animal and lifestyle concept. vintage photo and film style.

Utah and Oregon are tied for fans of using this flower-based name.

Vermont: Teddy

man holding cute kitten

People in Vermont must like to hold their cats close, like a teddy bear, because their favorite name for cats is Teddy.

Virginia: Oliver

portrait of a seniorman holding his ginger cat. Slovenia, Europe. No logos. Nikon, indoor photography.

Virginia may be for lovers, but it's certainly not unique. Just like Idaho, New Hampshire, and New York, its favorite cat name is Oliver.

Washington: Luna

Shot of an attractive young woman relaxing on the sofa at home and bonding with her cat

Washington cats might be night owls. The name Luna, often given to the cats of this state, is an Italian name meaning "moon." It's also a very popular dog name.

West Virginia and Wyoming: Bella

A bengal baby cat just got adopted by a métis man. The pet is getting to know its master. Complicity and affection in a warm home.

There's no way you thought you would get through this list without one more mention of the name Bella. It's West Virginia and Wyoming's favorite cat name, too.

Wisconsin: Sophie

a young woman sitting on a couch with her black cat and using a smart phone.

This name, popular for cats in Wisconsin, is derived from the Greek name Sophia, meaning "wisdom."

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