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10 Must-Have Men's Style Buys This Holiday Season

Meet your wardrobe's newest heavy hitters.

It's a feeling style-minded guys know all too well: Sometimes, whether you're casually perusing a digital fire sale or listlessly strolling through an actual in-person store, you spot an item, and it conjures up a bones-deep ache. You need this, it screams, and no price point is going to stop you.

Well, for those guys, we have two things to say. You're welcome, and we're sorry—because we've pinpointed not one but ten such essential style buys. Sure, your wardrobe will thank you. (And you'll reap compliments left and right anywhere you go.) Your wallet, on the other hand…

Brooks Brothers Camel Hair Polo Coat

camel coat

$1,698; buy now at

As any style-savvy guy knows, few things are more timeless elegant and endlessly versatile than a good camel topcoat. And Brooks Brothers signature iteration may very well be the creme de la creme of camel topcoats. For one thing, it's made purely from camel hair (yes, it's the real deal). For another, it's cut with timeless fit in mind, so, even as fads ebb and flow, you'll always look on-point.

Mr. P. Jacques Shearling-Lined Waterproof Boots


$615; buy now at

These waterproof waxed suede boots are lined with thick, cushy shearling and come equipped with sturdy, full-grip rubber soles. No matter what winter throws your way, you'll be able to handle it—and with trademark style, to boot.

Stuart and Lau The Clark Totepack

men's bag

$90; buy now at

Meet the totepack, a sartorial Frankenstein's monster of style and accessibility. You get all the convenience of a tote with the hands-free mobility of a backpack. The sleek, monotone good looks are just a bonus.

Brooks Brothers V-Neck Cashmere Sweater

brooks brothers cashmere v neck sweaters

$298; buy now at

Few things are more versatile than a V-neck sweater—and it's even better when it's cashmere. But the absolute best cashmere V-necks, like Brooks Brothers stalwart options, are woven from pure Scottish cashmere, a fabric so smooth and airy it feels like wearing a (very, very warm) cloud.

Cambridge Cordovan Wingtip

allen edmonds cordovan wingtips

$695; buy now at

Soft as velvet and tough as nails, cordovan leather is as good as it gets. When you're selecting your next pair of do-it-all Oxfords, go for broke and make it the last pair you'll ever want (or have) to buy. This pair, from Allen Edmonds, will last you for the rest of your life: for a nominal surcharge, the company will "restore" any damage pair of shoes to like-new condition.

Vuori Cosmos Performance Lounge Pant


$112; buy now at

Thanks to a slim cut and an upmarket look, this is the rare lounge pant you can wear out-and-about without feeling like a schlub. But worry not: they're still comfortable enough to wile an entire Sunday in while kicking back on the couch, and tech-enhanced (they're made from a proprietary "Space Knit" fabric, that fosters breathability) enough to give your workouts a serious boost.

Clark's Desert Boot

clarks shoes

$130; buy now at

The chukka-styled boot might very well be the world's most versatile piece of footwear. For proof, look at this Clark's option, which—in a buttery soft, military green suede—works with distressed jeans just as well as it does with tailored chinos and well-cut slacks.

James Perse Clear Jersey Crew Neck

jersey shirt

$90; buy now at

Of course, a wardrobe is nothing without a good base layer. Here, from James Perse, meet the ne plus ultra of modern t-shirts. They're as soft as you'd imagine from the price point, and as durable, too. Plus, the sleeve falls at that perfect bicep-hugging length, if you're in the mood to show off any hard work you've been logging in the weight room.

Our Legacy Slim Fit Suede Shirt Jacket

red jacket

$820; buy now at

There's one drawback to suede jackets: it takes forever to break them in. But this slim-fit option, from Our Legacy, is pre-washed, meaning you get an instant fast-forward to the point where it's already broken in.

N. Peal Stripe Socks


$110; buy now at

Cashmere socks are the type of little luxury you'd never realize you need until you try it. Then, suddenly, it's impossible to go back to the itchy, sweaty, constricted wool-socked world of before. If you haven't yet given this trend a try, step to it, man! It's the best tiny gift you can give yourself.

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