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Here's What Meghan Markle and Amal Clooney Secretly Talk About

The Duchess is picking up pointers on a whole host of things.

It's fair to say that when Meghan Markle was still merely just one of the stars of Suits, she would never have entered Amal Clooney's rarefied orbit. But ever since Meghan became the Duchess of Sussex, the two women have become fast friends—as evidenced by Amal's co-hosting duties at the Duchess' lavish baby shower in New York City. Meghan's new BFF even offered her a ride back across the pond in the Clooney's private jet.

A Palace insider told me, "Meghan thinks Amal has fabulous taste and she admires the way she's maintained her career while being married to one of the most famous men in the world. She sees a lot of herself—or rather wants to see herself—doing things as flawlessly as she thinks Amal does."

The women reportedly met in early 2018 when Amal introduced to her London hairstylist Miguel Perez. Their friendship grew as they began to socialize and bonded over their shared interests in a host of things from human rights to fashion. Meghan has been a United Nations Women's advocate since 2015 and Amal, a respected human rights attorney, is a frequent speaker at the UN.

My sources say that Meghan is "quite taken" by Mrs. Clooney's style and, "has really modeled herself on Amal with her newfound love of couture" along with her stunning accessories. "Amal has impeccable taste and Meghan has clearly been influenced by her," said the insider. "She now wears clothes from the very same designers Amal does, something she didn't do before she was a member of the royal family."

Meghan is also taking her shopping cues from her fashionable friend. Just this week, Amal and husband George Clooney attended a swanky dinner at Buckingham Palace hosted by Prince Charles for the Prince's Trust. Amal wore a Grecian-style cape and Jean-Louis Scherrer by Stephane Rolland gown which she bought at her favorite high-end vintage shop, William Vintage. Meghan picked up her Courreges Haute Couture matelasse silk trapeze coat that she wore when she stepped out in New York City during her recent trip at the same boutique.

"Meghan has also marveled at how Amal balances her high-profile career and family life," said my source. "She's been talking about that more and more now that her baby is due very soon. Meghan adores the twins and has talked quite a bit to Amal about being a mother. Her Los Angeles and New York friends can't visit often, so Amal has really been there for her."

With Meghan and Harry set to move into Frogmore House this month, the Duchess and Amal are sure to grow even closer. The Clooneys have a home just outside London, about 30 minutes from the Sussex's new home on the grounds of Windsor Castle. We can picture some pretty sweet playdates between Baby Sussex and the Clooney twins in the not-so-distant future.

But it's not just fashion and family that have forged their friendship. When George Clooney made comments last month about Meghan being "vilified" by the media, it was clear that the couple has a close relationship with the Royals.

"There has been some conversation between the four of them about dealing with the relentless media coverage," said my source. "The Prince is quite worried about it now that the baby is coming soon. George famously made those remarks about the press and Princess Diana when she died, and Harry was moved by that. All four of them have to deal with non-stop interest in their lives, so they have that in common."

Diane Clehane is a New York-based journalist and author of Imagining Diana and Diana: The Secrets of Her Style.

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