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The 10 Princely Ways That Harry Won Meghan

It's no surprise that a guy who wears royal tunics did it the old-fashioned way.

By all accounts Prince Harry and his girlfriend, the Suits actress and activist Meghan Markle, are simply floating on air. The two lovebirds recently went on a wildly romantic museum date and traveled to a beachside destination wedding. According to several outlets, they're now planning to move in together. Obviously, marriage rumors abound. Others are already speculating on what her official title will be after they actually tie the knot.

Now, as most guys know, you needn't be royalty to pull off such a blissful relationship. What you do need, however, is some good old-fashioned gentlemanly charm. Here—courtesy of a prince—are the 10 ways you should go about your wooing. And if you're looking for more dating advice, be sure to check out the secrets of the best relationships.

Have Your Friends Vouch for You

Prince Harry met Markle via a mutual friend, the fashion designer Misha Nonoo, at a party. When you're rolling solo, there's absolutely nothing wrong with just introducing yourself to a beautiful woman with confidence and taking it from there. But having a friend say, "Hey, this guy's all right," in a social setting can remove the stress and mutual suspicion that can go hand-in-hand with introductions.

Don't Come on Too Strong

There's no reason to come on strong at first. In fact, you definitely shouldn't. After Nonoo introduced the two, Prince Harry kept a respectful distance and charmed Markle over text. We don't know for certain, but we're willing to bet he sent a grand total of zero inappropriate photos. So follow his lead on that one too.

Take Her on a Cinematically Romantic Date

For normal people, the Natural History Museum's doors close just before 6:00 p.m. But there's no such thing as a closed door if you're royalty. Prince Harry took Markle on an after-hours private stroll through the museum. Beats the hell out of, "Drinks Thursday?" And when you go on this romantic first date, be sure to have your 10 best lines memorized.

Or a Tropical Destination Wedding

Nothing proves your love for someone quite like bringing them as a date to celebrate two other people proving their love for each other. Prince Harry recently whisked Markle away to Jamaica to revel at his best friend's wedding. If you don't have any close friends who are about to take the plunge, just consider taking her on the next-best thing: a beach vacation.

Get Her Personalized Jewelry

Eagle-eyed observers figured out the couple is a couple by spotting Markle wearing a necklace engraved with an "H" and an "M." And while we're sure Markle has nothing against the global fast-fashion retailer, it makes far more sense that those inscriptions are for "Harry" and "Meghan." It's a helpful reminder that grand, if subtle, gestures go a long way.

Match Accessories with Her

If gifting a personalized necklace makes feels too forward, there's no way you'll be able to stomach this one. Move along. But as Prince Harry proved, matching bracelets go a long way. They're symbolic of your commitment, a constant reminder that the one you love exists—whether they're shooting Suits in Toronto or playing polo in Coworth Park.

Love Animals

One of the easiest ways to score points with your significant other is with animals. Prince Harry obviously outdid everyone on this front, by embarking on an at-times dangerous mission to save endangered elephants. No way you're doing that. But in a pinch, a cute puppy or kitten will absolutely do the trick. If you need tips on how to pick out the perfect pup, be sure to read our guide on the topic, penned by the Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer himself.

Be Amazing with Kids

Even if you hate the little twerps, chances are, she doesn't. Being good with children—like our favorite prince here—shows that you're capable of caring for something other than yourself. And if she's even considering children for her future, you've just proven that, at the very least, you're open to the possibility.

Don't Ignore the Flowers

This is an obvious one, fellas, and we shouldn't even need to remind you. Find out what your crush's favorite flower is and send a bouquet. It'll help you stand out. Prince Harry allegedly sent Markle enough bouquets to make a garden. And if you can't find her favorite petal, remember: roses are cliché. So stand out even more and send peonies.

Have a Lot of Fun

Being a prince obviously doesn't hurt your chances. But if you're not one, some royal behavior always helps. So stand with good posture, project confidence, dress with class, look your best at all times, and remember to have a whole lot of fun. 

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