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10 Signs Harry and Meghan Will Break All the Royal Rules

A recent trip to Wales showcased a few traditions the couple has already tossed to the wind.

It's been less than two months since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement and the couple has wasted no time in upending decades—centuries, really—of tradition that has defined the British royal family. Everything from their wardrobes to their walkabouts is a clear indication that Harry and Meghan are intent on doing things their way and we love them for it. Here are ten signs the couple are going to be royal rule breakers that are sure to shake things up at Kensington Palace. But for rules they will follow, don't miss the 9 Words No British Royal Will Ever Say.

She's a biracial American divorcée.

prince harry meghan markle

He's fifth (soon to be sixth) in line to the British throne, she's a biracial American divorcée. No one expected Harry to wind up with a virginal daughter of an aristocrat, but it's highly unlikely anyone anticipated his bride would come from across the pond.

The last British royal to fall for an American divorcee was King Edward III and it so scandalized all of Britain, he abdicated so he could marry socialite Wallis Simpson. Eighty years later, the ultimate outsider has been welcomed with open arms and will forever change "The Firm."

Photo via @kensingtonroyal Twitter account

They're not afraid of PDA.

meghan markle and prince harry

Harry and Meghan are crazy about each other and they're not afraid to show it. The first time they went public as a couple at the Invictus Games in Toronto last year, they were holding hands sending the Twittersphere into overdrive. Meghan has been holding on to Harry in public for dear life ever since. We can't wait for the big post-wedding first kiss. And for more on their undeniable affection, learn Why Harry and Meghan Can Have PDA Moments.

Photo via @kensingtonroyal Instagram account

They got the Queen to change an important holiday tradition.

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Meghan was the first fiancée ever to be invited to spend Christmas at Sandringham, the Queen's estate. Her Majesty has always tightly controlled the guest list which, up until last year, was strictly family-only. Both Lady Diana Spencer and Kate Middleton had to wait until they were married and officially part of the family before having the privilege of exchanging gag gifts during Christmas Eve tea and attending the swanky black-tie dinner held in the evening.

One insider told me, "The Queen knows how much Harry loves Meghan and she wanted him to be with her for Christmas." Meghan showed her appreciation and respect by executing a flawless curtsy when greeting the Queen at church on Christmas morning.

Meghan broke a major royal hair taboo.

prince harry and meghan markle

For her last two official appearances with Prince Harry, Meghan chose to wear her hair in a messy bun and in doing so, embroiled the British tabloids in a debate over the correctness of her casual style. The laid-back look, a favorite of millennial women everywhere, is decidedly not in the royal repertoire and is in stark contrast to the carefully controlled chignon favored by her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Duchess Catherine who has even been known to wear a discreet hairnet to keep every strand in place.

Photo via @kensingtonroyal Instagram account

And she's not interested following their fashion playbook, either.

meghan markle in black

We knew Meghan was a rebel in the royal midst when she appeared bare-legged for her engagement photocall. The only other royal to shun pantyhose was Princess Diana. The Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge always follow the royal style rule of wearing bright colors for official visits so they can be seen—and spotted—from a distance by members of the public. (Black is to be worn only at funerals and remembrance services.)

Meghan rewrote that rule to suit her own pared down style and chose head-to-toe black for this week's visit to Cardiff, Wales wearing a chic wrap coat by Stella McCartney, skinny jeans by Welsh brand Hiut Denim, and black velvet boots.

Photo via @kensingtonroyal Twitter account

They're both feminists.

harry and meghan

Meghan has always been an advocate for women and girls' around the world and has served as an ambassador for United Nations Women. During this week's visit to Wales, when a fan told her she admired her outspoken views on women's rights and feminism, Meghan replied gesturing to her fiancé, "He's a feminist too, so there's that."

Photo via @kensingtonroyal Twitter account

Meghan (almost) ignored an important protocol

the bride will shine bright at prince harry's wedding

Giving autographs is the one thing no royal is allowed to do because it is considered a security risk. Harry, William, and Kate are under strict instruction not to sign anything to prevent the possibility of forgery.

During their trip to Wales, Meghan was spotted shaking hands with young children and signing their books in pencil. She cleverly was able to make the fans happy—and stick to the rules at the same time. She signed one book, "Hi Kaitlin" with a heart and a smiley face—but didn't sign her name.

They take public transportation.

divorce secrets

Meghan and Harry have been spotted on the Heathrow Express train and flew economy class on British Airways to the French Riviera for a New Year's getaway. Sure, they bought out all the rows around them, but who else would willingly sit in the back of the plane near the bathrooms if they could fly private?

This week, the couple took a commuter train to Wales to attend a Welsh Culture Festival at Cardiff Castle but were delayed almost an hour while their train idled at Paddington Station. Judging by the look on Harry's face when they finally arrived at their destination, their days traveling with common folk may be numbered. And for more celebs who trot with the hoi polloi, check out the 17 A-Listers Who (Almost) Always Fly Coach.

Their wedding date is sure to cause fights over the remote all over Europe.

couple fighting over remote in bed

Harry and Meghan will be married on May 19th at Windsor Castle, the same day a major British sporting event—the FA Cup Final—is taking place. That's a big problem for sports fans, including Prince William, who has been president of the English Football Association since 2006 and traditionally attends. We're pretty sure he can catch a replay on the telly after the wedding, though.

She talks, he listens.

prince harry meghan markle

Earlier this month, during a visit to a radio station in Nottingham, when station manager Adrian Newman told Harry they had a question for him, the prince pointed at Meghan and said, "She answers the questions!" to which she replied, "Yes, talking of gender equality!" A true departure in royal etiquette.

Photo via @kensingtonroyal Instagram account

Diane Clehane is a New York-based journalist and author of Imagining Diana: A Novel.

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