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5 Reasons to Try a Matchmaker If You're Over 60, Relationship Experts Say

Tired of dating apps and being set up? Hiring a matchmaker might be just what you need.

Dating is tricky at any age. But it can become even more complicated when you're trying to find a partner over 60. Maybe you've tried online dating, or you've let your friends set you up on blind dates. If these methods seem tiresome and ineffective, it might be time to look into hiring a matchmaker.

While you may associate this practice with younger generations, more and more matchmaking professionals are embracing the unique needs and desires of the over-60 crowd to help them find love, a life partner, and companionship. Thinking about giving it a go? We spoke to matchmakers and relationship experts about the reasons why you should try a matchmaker if you're heading into your golden years. Keep reading for their advice on embracing this timeless practice.

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It's a personalized experience.

Older Couple on a Date

There's only so much you can glean about someone from an online dating profile. Barbie Adler, the founder and president of matchmaking service Selective Search, points out that when you're trying to meet someone without any external help, it can be overwhelming figuring out where to start, as there are no guarantees or set guidelines in place to make the process easier.

But working with a matchmaker is a personalized experience that means dates are curated based on compatibility and take into consideration any dealbreakers you may have, as well as "your values, interests, and goals," says Breanna Kay, owner and CEO of Match Right Matchmaking.

"Matchmakers get to know all facets of their clients, asking about past relationship successes and failures to identify the broader patterns at work," says Adler.

It saves you time and energy.

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"Online dating can be extremely time-consuming, and hiring a matchmaker means you are only taking the time to weed through a few potential partners instead of hundreds," says Allison Raskin, relationship expert and mental health advocate.

And if you're using multiple dating apps, the effort can be even more prohibitive. "This can result in strings of unsatisfying dates that not only waste time and cost money but leave daters feeling burnt out and low on confidence," explains Adler.

"Because good matchmakers take great care to only introduce their clients to candidates that they have thoroughly vetted for compatibility, they come with a higher built-in rate of success, leading to a more enjoyable experience overall," Adler notes.

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There's an extra layer of safety and security.

Seniors on a First Date

Dating apps do not have a foolproof process for verifying users or ensuring they're being transparent in their profiles, Adler notes. There's also the possibility that you could get scammed.

But matchmakers specialize in the vetting process, says Tammy Shaklee, certified matchmaker and founder of H4M Matchmaking. "There are tons of hours spent on researching and getting to know each individual, to determine their eligibility and authenticity."

"Matchmakers take extensive precautions to help clients protect both their physical safety and their assets, ensuring that they meet candidates who are interested in them and not their money," adds Adler.

The matchmaker is part of the whole process.

Older Woman and Younger Woman Chatting Over Coffee

Online apps aren't going to help you prep for the big date or steer you through the awkward stages of courtship. But matchmakers stick around even after they've set you up with someone.

"For many people over 60, dating can be very daunting, and it may be the first time they have dated in many years, so I am there to guide them every step of the way—even down to what they may wear on their dates," says Jill Hinckley, a matchmaker and founder of Hinckley Introductions.

Adler adds that one of the most overlooked benefits of using a matchmaker is the emotional support and advice they offer.

"The best matchmakers follow up and debrief with clients after their dates, acting as both their strategist and support system to help daters over 60 years of age to get the most out of their relationship journey," she says.

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You can expand your social circle.

Two senior women, both with short white hair and wearing jackets and scarves, walk down the street laughing.
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Using a matchmaker doesn't necessarily have to mean you're looking for love or a romantic relationship. Kay says the service can also be used to find new friends with shared interests.

"Matchmaking services introduce you to a whole community of individuals in a similar stage of life," she explains. Different events or gatherings are fantastic opportunities to create new connections.

Hinckley adds that matchmakers are known for their networks, so if they can't find a match for their client, they'll likely know someone who can—whether you're looking for a platonic companion or a soulmate.

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