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The Most Fun States If You're Over 60

Warm weather, lower taxes on retirement benefits, and community are just a few factors.

Whether you're fully retired or just making the best of your golden years, those 60 and over may find more opportunities for fun depending on which state they live in.

Seniorly, a community network helping older adults connect and thrive with helpful resources, rounded up data to see which states were the best in terms of happiness, good health, and socialization for seniors. Their team analyzed information from 50 states and Washington, D.C. to see which ones provided the ultimate location for lifelong fun

Each state's ranking was based on lifestyle categories, such as weather, social activities, transportation accessibility, and the overall satisfaction of current residents. Destinations that reached the top included those promoting "a healthy, active, and fun-loving lifestyle across the United States." 

On the opposite end, Kentucky came in last as the least fun state to live in, with Seniorly's report finding issues related to mental health and happiness, and a lack of parks, restaurants, and bars, contributing to its last place. Nevada, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Mississippi all ranked in the bottom five least fun states as well. 

Montana ranked third in terms of the most fun for seniors. Access to nature, tax-friendly retirement benefits, a burgeoning food scene, and high ratings for healthcare all contribute to it being a prime spot, especially for retirees according to Tanko Law.

Minnesota came in second of best states for seniors. Seniorly discovered that Minnesota has some fantastic golf courses, and that "90.3 percent of people live within a half-mile of a park." The North Star State has a slightly lower cost of living than the U.S. average.

Almost the polar opposite of Minnesota, Florida took the number one spot on the list, which may not surprise many. Fortune estimates that there are over 78,000 retirees in the Sunshine State. Many relocate there based on factors like year-round warm weather and fewer taxes on retirement benefits.

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Seniorly's report noted that, despite having a "slightly higher cost of living than the national average," Florida offers the most fun because of access to activities, healthcare, arts, and culture. Residents can take advantage of the beaches and golf courses almost every day, and theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios make it an excellent spot for seniors to spend time with their families.

The report also found that the top state is one of the best for community and socialization opportunities for those 65 and older. "Just seven percent of older adults [in Florida] say they are lonely," the report states, adding that Florida "is effectively a hotbed of social connections for older people."

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Rounding out the top ten states that are the most fun if you're over 60 are: Nebraska, Hawaii, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Delaware. Nationally, the report also found, on average, across the states that there are "four golf courses and 211 restaurants or bars per 100,000 population," proving that fun can really be had across the nation if you're in your golden years.

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