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Flying Fiasco

Marlon Wayans Kicked Off Flight for Bag Dispute

He’s accusing United Airlines of "racism."
Travel Pitfalls

Why Climbing Mount Everest Became a Joke

The line is insane.
Volcano Tourism

Erupting Volcano Has Tourists Rushing to Hawaii

It’s the state’s second-largest volcano.
Natural Beauty

8 Most Thrilling Waterfalls in the U.S.

Witness magnificent displays of natural beauty.
Flight Etiquette

3 Things Flight Attendants Find Rude

Be kind when you fly.
Tee Up

10 Most Affordable Golf Towns in the U.S.

Here’s where you can hit the greens on a budget.
Disney Magic

Disney Unveils 6-Country Tour of 12 Theme Parks

It will visit Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, and more.
Beggars Choosers

Family Fight Breaks Out Over Free Disney World Trip

“I would pay for their flights, hotel, and park tickets.”

8 Quaint Sea Villages in the U.S.

Wind-swept beaches and fresh seafood abound.
Flight Cuts

American Airlines Is Slashing 10,000 Flights

It will operate 26.7 percent less flights than last year.
Golden Years

The Most Fun States If You’re Over 60

Here's to warm weather and shuffle board.
Seating Wars

United Airlines Took First Class Seat for Crew

The newly engaged fiancé had paid in full for the seat.
Holiday Headaches

The Worst Airlines on Memorial Day Weekend

These are the airlines most likely to be delayed.
Buckle Up

Memorial Day Weekend Is Going to Be a Mess

42 million Americans are planning to travel.
Golden Hour

10 Most Breathtaking Sunsets in the U.S.

Here's where you should watch the sun go down.
Magic Discounts

Disney World Is Lowering Its Ticket Prices

The 4-park ticket offers its lowest price in years.
Summer Travel

Record Passport Delays Have Travelers Panicking

Each week, 500,000 passport applications are filed.
Commuting Headaches

“I Go to School by Plane,” Says Student

The student flies three times weekly to save on rent.
Pricing Upgrade

Southwest Is Charging More for Early Boarding

The airline famously doesn't give seat assignments.