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The 7 Luckiest Tarot Cards, According to Experts

Tarot card readers say out of a deck's 78 cards, only a small number are consistently lucky.

Whether you've been visiting a professional tarot reader for years or you recently purchased your own tarot card deck to start dabbling in the ancient practice, there are certain cards that you'll always be happy to get, and others that you'd probably prefer never to see. But according to experts, no matter what question you've posited before a reading, there are several especially lucky tarot cards.

"Tarot cards have long been used as a tool for divination and guidance, offering insights into various aspects of life; serving as powerful tools for …self-reflection," explains Ashley Ryan, who goes by the name Pythian Priestess and is the host of the podcast The Occult Unveiled. "Within the deck, there are certain cards that exude an air of luck and positive energy, bringing forth blessings in various aspects of life. These lucky tarot cards hold the power to illuminate the path toward prosperity, joy, and fulfillment."

To hear from Ryan and other tarot experts, keep reading for their complete list of the seven luckiest tarot cards.

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The Sun

The Sun tarot card
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All six experts we consulted agreed that the Sun is one of the luckiest tarot cards. Leigh Ann Romano Rogers, MA, a professional tarot reader, psychic medium, and owner of a metaphysical shop in California named Psychic Medium Witch, calls it the "archetypal happiness card" and says it represents "positive energy, success, abundance, and joy."

"This card is celebratory and open, depicting a naked child riding a horse, symbolizing freedom, purity, unencumbered happiness, enthusiasm, [and] playfulness," Rogers explains. "The child is drawn in front of a walled garden filled with sunflowers. The walls indicate a safe and protected space and a harmonious environment."

This card is so lucky, in fact, that Ryan says, "Even when the card is upside down, it maintains much of its upright meaning."

If you receive the card, Maria Hayes, astrologer and tarot reader at Trusted Astrology, says it's encouraging you to connect with your inner child.

"This is not the time for you to take life too seriously," she shares. "Instead, you are being called to see the world with a child's eyes [and] have fun in the things that you do."

The Star

The Star tarot card with a laid out deck behind it
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Like the Sun, the Star is a card all readers agree is lucky.

"Again, we see a naked person, kneeling at the edge of a natural pool or river, embodying an openness and purity of intuition," says Rogers.

Matthias Dettmann, a psychologist, tarot reader, and astrologer, says this card represents hope, spiritual guidance, optimism, healing, and the fulfillment of dreams.

"Drawing this card indicates a fortunate path ahead and the support of the universe in manifesting one's desires," he notes.

But it doesn't necessarily mean you're in a positive place currently.

"The Star reminds us that even in the darkest times, there is always something to look forward to," adds Ryan. "This card often indicates that luck is all around us, waiting for us to seize it."

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Wheel of Fortune

Person holding the Wheel of Fortune tarot card
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The Wheel of Fortune is symbolic of the fact that life is always turning.

"This card represents that change is always constant and a change in luck can happen by fate, destiny, or by inspired action," explains Maggie Wilson, a professional tarot reader and author of The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck.

"Drawing the Wheel of Fortune suggests that fortunate events or positive shifts are on the horizon," says Dettmann.

However, astrologer and tarot expert Kerry Ward, notes that "not all of it will be positive (every wish has a price), but it will all turn out all right in the end, so enjoy the ride and welcome the transformation."

"This encourages us to take risks and accept whatever fortune comes our way with an open heart," agrees Ryan.

Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups tarot card with multiple cards behind
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According to Ward, all Ace cards "predict a new beginning or opportunity," but experts agree that it's the Ace of Cups that is truly lucky.

"The Ace of Cups represents emotional fulfillment, love, and joy," says Dettmann. "It signifies the beginning of positive emotions, new relationships, and deep emotional connections. Drawing this card often suggests a fortunate time for matters of the heart and emotional well-being."

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Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles tarot card on wood background with other cards fanned out behind it
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As Rogers explains, the fact that the Ten of Pentacles depicts three generations of a family, complete with a pair of dogs and a castle in the background, is representative of material abundance, stability, and financial stability.

"It represents the rewards of hard work, prosperity, and a secure foundation," adds Dettmann. "Drawing this card suggests a period of financial luck, stability, and the potential for generational wealth."

Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups tarot card on red background with white flowers next to it
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The Ten of Cups is another card that shows a family, in this case dancing under a rainbow.

"It suggests you are surrounded with a multitude of blessings, whether in loving relationships, family, emotional well-being, material abundance, or all of the above," shares Rogers.

Ryan notes that it's especially lucky in terms of romance. "This is the card that suggests that you have or will find genuine love and emotional satisfaction," she says.

Additionally, if you're considering starting a family, she shares that it's one of the luckiest cards to draw.

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Three of Cups

Three of Cups tarot card with a laid out deck behind it
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The Three of Cups card shows three young women dancing happily in a field of fruits and vegetables, holding cups up to the sky, "eager to receive more from the heavens," says Hayes. "This is another indication that abundance is on the way in your life, and you are to embrace them all."

However, Hayes notes that this doesn't necessarily mean wealth is coming your way.

"This card also means that you will be able to spend time with your loved ones," she adds.

Wilson agrees with this sentiment and says the Three of Cups "represents a time of social harmony, good relationships, and positive connections."

There are ways to attract luck with tarot cards.

Tarot card reader holding THE SUN card and tarot cards on table near burning candles in candle light
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Ward shares that when you do a tarot reading can also impact your luck. She says Thursday is auspicious "as this day is ruled over by Jupiter, which is the planet governing luck and good fortune."

"New Moons are also a time of abundance and opportunity, a time to ask what's around the corner for you in a good way!" she adds.

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