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17 Best Last-Minute Style Gifts For Dad

You forgot again, didn't you?

Fact: There's no harder person to shop for than Dad. That's probably why, year after year, he consistently comes last on the shopping to-do list. And then he gets, what, another novelty tie? Another copy of The People's History of the United States? (Come on: He already has five.) Something from the Sharper Image he'll only use once and then discard forever? You can do better—and you know it.

So, this year, actually do better. Give your dad the gift that lasts forever: effortless, timeless style. It's easy. It's thoughtful. And, with these editor-curated picks—from a smattering of everyday sartorial upgrades to what may very well be the most unique Monopoly board of the century—it'll take you no time at all to choose a present that's truly worthy. In other words: You can win the day and still save Dad for last.

Brooks Brothers Double-Breasted Cable Cardigan

blue sweater dad gifts

$298; buy now at

For a snappy and comfortable alternative to a blazer, consider the cardigan. Yes, yes, we know: cardigans scream "stuffy"—usually. This beauty here, though, is an exception to the rule. A double-breasted cut lends a level of gravitas that no traditional sweater can match, while a sharp shawl collar accentuates the shoulders in the same way a well-tailored suit does. And it does that all without sacrificing the coziness you'd expect from a cable-knit.

Stuart and Lau The Cary Briefcase

briefcase dad gifts

$295; buy now at

Help Dad fast-forward into the 21st century with the world's most surreptitiously intuitive laptop bag. A first glance, it may not look like anything more than your run-of-the-mill stylish messenger. But a closer look reveals all manner of design innovations: an umbrella holder, a barely noticeable folder sleeve, a suitcase clasp, a suave luggage tag. Oh, and it's all waterproof, too. No bag on the planet is better equipped for the on-the-go man.

Hugo Boss Delaware Slim-Fit Stretch-Denim Jeans

jeans dad gifts

$155; buy now at

Finally, a solution for literal dad jeans! These dark-wash slim-fit jeans from Hugo Boss come with all the looks of a regular pair of denim but are blended with stretch for a bit of essential give.

Brooks Brothers Cashmere Scarf

brooks brothers cashmere scarves

$348; buy now at

There are scarves. And then there's this scarf. Where cashmere scarves are diluted with traces of wool or silk, this one is 100-percent crafted out of the good stuff, resulting in a sumptuous fabric that's soft enough to make any guy swear off lesser neckwear for good. Plus, it's available in five tastefully reserved colors that are sure to seamlessly mesh with any wardrobe. (Our favorite: The camel.)

Shinola Men's 47mm Runwell Watch

watch dad gifts

$550; buy now at

Maybe it's the vintage-inspired designs. Maybe it's the vacuum of bells-and-whistles sensibilities. Maybe it's the room-commanding sizes (this one's a hulking 47mm, for instance). There's just something about Shinola watches that dads everywhere can't seem to resist.

Dalton Cordovan Dress Boots

allen edmonds dalton dress boot

$725; buy now at

There isn't a type of leather on the planet softer or tougher than cordovan. It's like running your fingers over butter…that happens to be bulletproof. And it's been found in the wild when used in a handsome burgundy dress boot—like this pair, from Allen Edmonds, which goes with every outfit and will literally be part of your dad's shoe repertoire forever. (If a shoe gets beat up, for a small fee, the company will "restore" it to like-new condition.)

Cole Haan Grand Pro Tennis Sneaker

sneakers dad gifts

$150; buy now at

It's a thing that happens when men reach a certain age: They get lazy with their footwear. Looks fall by the wayside, and comfort takes front-and-center. Cole Haan's insanely plush, burnished leather sneakers—which are just as comfortable as they are stylish—are the antithesis of that.

J.Crew Icon Classic Denim Jacket

denim jacket dad gifts

$98; buy now at

Now that they're officially back for good, you can never go wrong with a good denim jacket. J. Crew's option is your best bet: it already comes with that vintage, worn-in feel that makes denim outerwear so great. It's a little baggier than most, too, so it's a perfect gift if your dad isn't fond of the aging-rocker look.

Brooks Brothers 200th Anniversary Monopoly Game

brooks brothers 200 anniversary monopoly

$198; buy now at

To celebrate their bicentennial, Brooks Brothers joined forces with another vaunted American institution: Monopoly. The result is a customized version of the iconic board game, done up in a Brooks Brothers theme. Instead of New York Avenue, for instance, you land on "Polo Coat." And, in the penultimate board spot, instead of getting slammed $75 for a luxury tax, the fee goes toward "tailoring" instead. The whole thing comes in a handsome, sturdy wooden box that, if treated with care, should keep the game in tip-top shape until the company's tricentennial rolls around.

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

rrayban sunglasses dad gifts

$153; buy now at

There's a reason Ray-Ban's classic aviators are the planet's most iconic sunglasses: they look great with any outfit, on any guy, at any age. (Truly, is there an accessory more chronically versatile?)

Nice Laundry Sock Drawer Subscription

sock subscription dad gifts

$99; buy now at

It's the gift that keeps on giving. Every year, dad will receive a box loaded up with 18 pairs of socks (16 mid-thigh and lavishly designed; 2 no-show).

Vuori Jackson Stretch Hoodie

jacket dad gifts

$126; buy now at

Fit for mid-winter workouts or lazy-Sunday leisure, this hoodie, from Vuori, comes with a stretchy knitted fabric, for maximum comfort.

The Art of Shaving Travel Shaving Kit With Morris Park Razor

shaving kit dad gift

$95; buy now at

For the jet-setting dad, here's the perfect gift: it has has everything (creams, razors, even a shaving brush) a man needs to stay well-groomed when away from home base. Bonus: it's packaged together in a handsome, compact dopp kit that will snugly fit in any carry-on.

Stuart and Lau The Cardholder

cardholder dad gifts

$65; buy now at

It's a good bet your dad has a well-worn billfold that's stuffed to capacity. So help him tidy up his wallet with a sleek card holder. This one, from Stuart and Lau, has a cleverly designed bottom cut-out to allow for easy access to cards.

Vocier C38 Cabin Luggage Garment Bag

garment bag dad gifts

$595; buy now at

Finally, an easy solution to traveling with a suit. Vocier's sleek cabin luggage has a built-in garment bag. And bona fide weekenders will no doubt love the easy-access dopp kit pocket, which is sure to minimize time spent at security.

Ecridor Lignes Urbains Ballpoint, by Caran D'Ache

caren d'ache pen

$150; buy now at

The fountain pen: it's regal, classy, and oozes dad-worthy gravitas. It's also wildly inconvenient. But you can score all of those awesome aspects and still shirk bothersome inkwells, by picking up a well-crafted writing utensil, like this palladium-coated pen. The result is the type of pen that's as permanent as ink.

John Varvatos Reverse Suede Belt

suede belt dad gifts

$278; buy now at

Yes, it's the oldest gift in the book. But if you spring for a fun twist on a belt—like this one, which features distressed suede and an antiqued nickel buckle—you'll buck trends while hewing to tradition, all in one go.

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