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Kroger Is Adding Receipt Checks to Several Stores

The new security measure comes on the heels of a recent spike in store theft.

From locked display cases to the elimination of self-checkout, stores' responses to organized retail crime are becoming more and more apparent. And it's affecting supermarkets, too. According to a 2023 survey conducted by Axonify, 50 percent of surveyed grocery workers reported witnessing a theft or attempted robbery while on the job. Meanwhile, 40 percent of participants said they fear going to work due to "an increase in hostile and violent situations with customers."

Membership chains like Sam's Club and Costco have noticeably amped up in-store security measures, while big-box retailers like Walmart have double-downed on receipt checks to help combat theft. And it appears Kroger is the latest merchant to jump on the receipt-checking bandwagon.

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According to CBS-local affiliate WNBS, multiple Kroger locations in Columbus, Ohio, are implementing a new receipt-checking policy, which is intended to help crack down on theft and verify purchases that may have gone accidentally unscanned at self-checkout.

Citing safety as one of the company's core values, Kroger spokesperson Mark Bruce confirmed the new policy to WNBS: "Although early in implementation, we have received positive feedback from associates and customers."

Thus far, a total of six Columbus locations are practicing the new safety measure, including 2000 East Main Street, 150 West Sycamore Street, 1350 North High Street, and 3600 Soldano Boulevard, where a 26-year-old man was killed inside the store earlier this year. Kroger stores located at 1745 Morse Road and 3637 South High Street are also checking receipts.

Since the rollout, several Kroger customers have taken to Reddit to air their grievances about the new receipt-checking policy.

"It's annoying to be treated like a criminal for the 'privilege' of shopping at a grocery store," wrote one user. "If Kroger was adequately staffed they wouldn't need to do this."

"Just curious if this can be legally enforced? I mean I know this has been argued with Walmart. I also understand it is part of my Costco membership, so no issue there. But I do not have a membership at Kroger. This also really diminishes the shopping experience when they do this," argued another.

One Kroger customer agreed, writing, "They aren't a membership store. Walk past them."

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Elsewhere in the thread, patrons shared horror stories about shopping at their local Kroger.

"I once watched a person at the Morse Kroger try to leave with a top basket full of bagged groceries, except that they had a cart with a top and a bottom basket, and the bottom was literally full of ketchup bottles. And apparently she hadn't scanned ANY of them," shared one person. "People will just brazenly steal from places. They just don't care."

Similarly, another user recalled watching an attempted theft in action at their Kroger store.

"I was at Kroger and watched 3 dudes each with a pack of turkey burger at the self checkout. 1 guy paid for his. The other 2 grabbed bags and put each of the other burger packs in separate bags. As they walked out, the Kroger employee asked one of the men to see the receipt. They all tried to pass the same receipt for 1 pack back and forth to each other before the employee just took the 2 extra packs," they said.

"They were so casual with it that I know this was very routine for them. They just got caught this time," they added.

Best Life has reached out to Kroger about the new receipt-checking policy and spike in theft, and will update this story with their response.

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