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Kroger Boycott Threats Grow Amid Self-Checkout Backlash

Even more shoppers now say they're grocery shopping elsewhere.

When it comes to grocery shopping, most of us want to get in and out without spending too much time wandering the aisles—or checking out. One way to expedite the process is by using self-checkout, cutting out the need to wait for a cashier. But not everyone is a fan of these self-service lanes, with many shoppers arguing that they do more harm than good. Kroger, in particular, has received ample criticism about self-checkout—and shoppers have threatened to boycott in light of their frustrations. Now, even more customers are saying they'll take their business elsewhere. Read on to find out why they're through with self-checkout at Kroger.

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Long lines are now "constant," according to Kroger customers.

In early September, Kroger shoppers flooded X with complaints about self-checkout, citing long lines and a lack of any cashier-manned lanes.

In a Sept. 5 post on X, a shopper posted a photo of the line and wrote, "@kroger not a single lane open except self checkout. Tell me how to get an employee discount if I'm doing the work."

"I know I'm not the smartest man alive but @kroger has 2 groups of self checkout lanes and they close the one with 6 scanners and leaves open the one with 3," another X user wrote, posting a photo of the line they were waiting in. "Long lines have been a constant pattern lately. So along with higher prices we get worse service…"

Others said that they've had to leave Kroger and shop elsewhere because of the lines caused by self-checkout.

Kroger responded to several shoppers on X, noting that the company was "discussing staffing levels," and apologizing for frustrations. However, Kroger is still receiving flak on social media.

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Shoppers now say machines are accusing them of stealing.

The complaints didn't end there. Now, more Kroger customers are taking to X to say they're boycotting. In one case, a shopper said they were accused of trying to steal while using Kroger's self-checkout.

On Sept. 21, they wrote, "I am officially boycotting @kroger. Self checkout accused me of stealing a $2 box of crackers. After they pulled the security video and checked my bags and receipt, they were satisfied. But then they tried to overcharge me for pineapple. I'm done!"

Another shopper reported a similar issue. "Everytime i go to kroger the self checkout flags me as stealing because i rush my groceries because i dont wanna be there for any longer than i have to," they wrote on Sept. 29.

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Kroger said this is "not the experience" it wants for customers.

In response to the shopper threatening to boycott on X, Kroger apologized and asked them to reach out so the company could address the issue with the specific store.

"We are sorry to hear that you were accused of stealing at the store. This is not the experience that we would like our customers to have!!" the retailer wrote.

Best Life reached out to Kroger for comment on the most recent boycott threats, and will update the story with its response.

There have been even more self-checkout complaints.

In addition to long lines and false accusations of theft, Kroger has seen additional self-checkout backlash.

On X, other shoppers complained about the design of self-checkout, as well as the fact that older adults sometimes have difficulties with the technology.

"@kroger I just watched a senior citizen struggle with self checkout because there were NO registers open with cashiers. The self checkout attendant helped but it was upsetting. Kroger, do better. [Your] prices aren't so great you can make us unpaid employees as well…" a shopper wrote on Sept. 27.

In response, Kroger echoed a similar apology and requested more information.

"We're sorry your local store forces customers to use self-checkout because there are no cashiers available. We strive to provide our customers with all checkout options to meet all our customers' needs," the company wrote.

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