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Kroger Shoppers Threaten to Boycott Over Self-Checkout

They say long lines have become commonplace at stores.

Self-checkout is here to stay, despite the fact that more and more shoppers are expressing frustrations with the process. While some love the ability to scan and bag items solo, others argue that self-checkout forces you to do employees' jobs. Now, exhausted shoppers are again sharing gripes about the self-checkout process, and this time they're threatening to boycott Kroger over it. Read on to find out why some customers say they'll take their business elsewhere.

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Shoppers say there are limited checkout lanes open.

Even if you're a self-checkout convert, no one wants to wait in long lines at the grocery store. But at Kroger, shoppers have been forced to do just that thanks to solitary cashiers and limited self-checkout lanes.

In a Sept. 5 post on X, a shopper posted a photo of the long line and wrote, "@kroger not a single lane open except self checkout. Tell me how to get an employee discount if I'm doing the work."

On Sept. 8, another shopped wrote, "Hey @kroger …. Has to be one of the absolute worst to deal with crowd management. One lane open with the person checking out customers. Only three self checkout lanes open. 20 people in line. No one in sight."

One frustrated customer even said that they'll no longer shop at Kroger because of the limited staff at checkout and "ZERO managers on the floor."

"They were all upstairs in the office. How do I know? Because I went up there and found them. Going to @WholeFoods," the Sept. 6 post on X reads.

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These long lines have become commonplace.

Some shoppers have noticed that long lines have recently become commonplace at Kroger.

"I know I'm not the smartest man alive but @kroger has 2 groups of self checkout lanes and they close the one with 6 scanners and leaves open the one with 3," one X user wrote yesterday, posting a photo of the line they were waiting in. "Long lines have been a constant pattern lately. So along with higher prices we get worse service…"

On Aug. 31, a shopper in Indianapolis also called Kroger out, and said they've had to leave the store because lines were so long.

"@kroger 3rd time since the 16th and College location switched to all self checkout that I've had to turn back because the line was all the way down the aisle and around the corner," the wrote. "With 11 checkouts that shouldn't happen but here we are. Do better."

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Kroger responded to several complaints.

On X, Kroger responded to customers' concerns and apologized for their experiences.

In response to the Indianapolis shopper, the grocery chain wrote, "Hi there, we are sorry to hear that your local store was only offering self checkout during your recent store visit with long wait times. Please know that we understand your frustrations and will forward your concerns to our store leadership team."

In response to the shopper who said they were headed to Whole Foods, Kroger wrote a similar message, also including a link to send a direct message about their experience.

"We will discuss staffing levels with store leadership," Kroger's post on X reads. "Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention."

Best Life reached out to Kroger for comment on the recent complaints, and will update the story with its response.

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Some Kroger stores only offer self-checkout.

A photo showing a woman's hands scanning a box of strawberries at the grocery store's self check out service.

Amid customer concerns, Kroger is actually piloting a self-checkout-only store in Franklin, Tennessee. Another store in Nashville is also slated to convert to this format this year, Kroger told WSMV.

Speaking with WKRN, Lauren Bell, corporate affairs manager for Kroger's Nashville division, said the change at the Franklin store makes for "a fast, friendly experience." The company also said that no employee positions were eliminated during the conversion.

From customers' point of view, it looks like Kroger is leaning into the self-service model more and more.

"@kroger Thank you for reminding me why I hate your stores…only self-checkout lines open," an Aug. 4 post reads on X. "If I wanted to work a 2nd job at Kroger clerking/bagging, I'd apply. I left my cart, grabbed the two items I had to have for my diabetic dog and only gave you $7 worth of business."

In response, Kroger again apologized, but didn't speak to a larger policy about self-checkout.

"We're very sorry there is a lack of registers open except the self checkout lanes," the chain wrote on X. "We understand your frustration about this."

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