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This Actor Is Totally Unrecognizable as Santa Claus

This legend got to play St. Nick for a new Capital One commercial.

You could say playing Santa Claus is the most coveted role in an actor's career. And now, another legend has donned St. Nick's white beard and red suit: John Travolta. The Grease star is the latest actor to channel the jolly old man in a new Capital One commercial. While he is almost unrecognizable as the Christmas icon, Travolta's Pulp Fiction costar (and longtime spokesperson for the credit card company) Samuel L. Jackson appears as himself in the commercial for a little reunion of sorts. Read on to see more of John Travolta as Santa, and if you love a good Christmas movie movie, check out The Single Most Popular Holiday Movie of All Time, Survey Says.

In the ad, Travolta as Santa is doing some online shopping for the holidays when Jackson pops up on his computer screen. "Hold your reindeer, Santa!" he shouts, sharing tips with Mr. Claus on how to save money this holiday season.

"So, that get me off your naughty list?" Jackson jabs.

"Are you off the naughty words?" Santa responds.

The commercial concludes with Santa and Mrs. Claus getting down to Chuck Berry's "Run Rudolph Run," recreating the iconic Pulp Fiction dance scene between Travolta and Uma Thurman to Berry's classic "You Never Can Tell."

Fans of the hit 1994 classic noticed several other homages to the film. For example, Travolta is sipping a milkshake and shopping for a bolo tie, while Jackson wears a shirt that reads "Happy Holidays 'With Cheese,'" a nod to the film's "Royale with Cheese" scene.

Of course, John Travolta isn't the only star who stepped into Santa's boots recently. Read on for some of our other favorite celebrity Santas. And for more actors who've recreated beloved characters, check out 17 Actors Who Played the Same Character Years Later.

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Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa

billy bob thornton as bad santa
Paramount Pictures

The raunchiest old St. Nick in history was played by none other than Billy Bob Thornton. The actor didn't play Santa himself, but a disgruntled mall Santa in the hit 2003 movie Bad Santa. He will go down in history as the most unjolly version of the Christmas figure. And if you want more celebrity content delivered right to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Tim Allen in The Santa Clause franchise

tim allen in santa clause 2 as santa
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Tim Allen played a single dad forced to step into Santa's suit in order to save Christmas in the 1994 movie The Santa Clause. The movie was so beloved that the actor reprised his role in The Santa Clause 2 (2002) and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006). And to see how those stack up, check out The Worst Christmas Movie of All Time, According to Critics.

Kenan Thompson on SNL

Kenan Thompson as Santa on SNL

In 2013, Kenan Thompson festively dressed up as Mr. Claus on Saturday Night Live in response to Megyn Kelly's infamous statement that Santa Claus should always be portrayed as white. And for more on Thompson's early days, check out The Biggest Child Actors Ever, Then and Now.

Kurt Russell in The Christmas Chronicles

Kurt Russell as Santa

Kurt Russell delighted Netflix viewers when he starred in the streaming service's 2018 holiday movie The Christmas Chronicles. It was only fitting that his real life partner, Goldie Hawn, portrayed Mrs. Claus. The two are back again this year with The Christmas Chronicles: Part 2, which will be released on Nov. 25. And if you love a good modern holiday flick, check out Famous Actors You Didn't Realize Were in Hallmark Christmas Movies.

Mr. T as The White House Santa

Reagan Library

In 1983, First Lady Nancy Reagan invited Mr. T, a huge supporter of her "Just Say No" campaign, to the White House to preview her Christmas decorations, and it resulted in one of the most monumental holiday moments in political history. The pop cultural icon showed up dressed like Santa, and Reagan surprised everyone when she hopped on his lap and even gave him a kiss. And for more on this legendary moment, check out 20 Ways Christmas Was Better in the '80s.


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