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There's One Big Problem With the New iPhone, Users Say

If you got the iPhone 12, you need to beware of this issue with charging.

Apple's iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were released on Friday, and it hasn't taken long for users to spot a few problems with the upgraded phone, specifically the new charger that comes with both iPhone 12 products. The MagSafe charger—which costs $40 and is similar to the magnetic, snap-on version already familiar to users of the Apple Watch—works fine in terms of charging your device, but it appears to be leaving a visible mark on some cases, even after light use.

New upgrades to tech often come with a few teething problems, and the latest iPhone is no different. Here's what to be aware of, and for another iPhone-related development to look out for, Apple Just Discontinued This Popular Phone.

It's causing rings on leather and silicone cases.

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One user posted an image of their tarnished phone case to the MacRumors forum after one day of using the new MagSafe iPhone 12 charger. "Sort of expected this but I can't imagine how bad this will look in a few months," they wrote.

GearPatrol points out this has happened before with another Apple product. "The HomePod notoriously leaves a white ring on some surfaces," they explain. "And while this might not be a huge deal for most, it could be if you're a stickler for keeping a pristine case." And for another product leaving Apple Stores, check out Apple Is No Longer Selling This Beloved Product.

Certain items can't be stored on the back of your phone.

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The support documents issued by Apple also note that credit cards, security badges, passports, and key fobs should not be placed between the iPhone 12 and the MagSafe charger, as the RFID chips and magnetic strips in those items can be damaged by the charging process. And for more up-to-date information on iPhones and more, sign up for our daily newsletter.

You have to clean your charger carefully.

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According to Apple, cleaning your MagSafe charger requires careful attention. To do so, disconnect it from the power supply, brush away debris, and wipe the silicone charging area with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth, avoiding all potentially abrasive household cleaners.

Also, remove your phone from its cover while charging it—and if you are going to charge it through the case, keep both surfaces as clean as possible to minimize any abrasion or scratching that could occur on contact. And if you want to keep your phone itself clean, Here's What You Can and Can't Disinfect.

You can't use a lightning cable as easily as you used to.

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Why not just use a regular charger, you ask? Well, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro don't come with one of those small square white chargers (called a brick) that has an ordinary USB plug on it (called a USB-A). The new phones instead come with a USB-C to lightning cable, which can be plugged into a newer iPad or Mac that similarly use USB-C to lightning cable plugs. You can also buy a new wall plug that's compatible with the iPhone 12's cable for $20—or you can invest in the MagSafe charger, as long as you're careful with your case! And for another kind of charger that's causing some serious problems, check out This Common Household Item Has Been Recalled Over Fire Risk.

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