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Apple Just Discontinued This Popular Phone

You can no longer find this beloved iPhone model on Apple's website.

The world of retail is ever-changing. Businesses rotate products in and out of their line-ups, and even products that are well-loved by consumers sometimes get the boot. Often, fan favorite items are taken off the shelves and replaced by newer (usually costlier) items. And that's exactly what tech giant Apple just did: The company recently discontinued the iPhone 11 Pro. Read on to find out why this item has disappeared from Apple's website, and for other products companies have recently ditched, Amazon Just Killed This Product That Was 6 Years in the Making.

Following this year's October Apple Event where Apple announced the new iPhone 12, it appears that the company took last year's top models off their website, The Next Web first reported. The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are no longer listed as available phone models on Apple's website.

Now, there are only seven phones you can purchase from Apple's website. You can choose between four new models: iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, and the iPhone 12 mini. And you can also still purchase the regular iPhone 11, the iPhone XR, or the iPhone SE.

Çanakkale, Turkey- January 13,2020 Outdoor shot of a New Iphone 11pro Silver with human hand and rear view

So why did Apple decide to take away the iPhone 11 Pro if other older models are still available to buy? After all, this model was still selling well recently. Counterpoint Research found that the iPhone 11 Pro Max was the second best-selling phone in the United States during the first week of September, and the regular iPhone 11 Pro was the sixth best-selling during that time.

The Next Web says it most likely has to do with cost. After launching the new iPhone 12 line, Apple took $100 off the original price of the iPhone 11, making it $599. The iPhone 12 products, on the other hand, range from $729 for the mini to $1,099 for the Pro Max.

If Apple had made similar price cuts to the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max as it did to the regular iPhone 11, those products would be anywhere from $749 to $999. That falls in the middle of the price range for the various new iPhone 12 products, which could jeopardize the sales of the newer phones.

"This would amount to a huge jumble in Apple's mid-to-high range. The issue is not just a communication one (what's better, the iPhone 12 or iPhone 11 Pro?), but it'd also cannibalize sales of the newer models—something that wouldn't look good to stockholders and investors," The Next Web explains. "In this instance, removing 2019's iPhone 11 Pro models makes sense."

This doesn't mean you won't be able to find an iPhone 11 Pro model anywhere. Apple resellers will still be able to sell and stock them—you can find them on the Verizon and AT&T websites, for example. But if you try to search for the iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max on Apple's website, you're redirected to a page that highlights their new iPhone 12 models.

Apple is not the only company that has removed popular items from their stock in the last few years, however. For other products that have been recently discontinued, read on. And for more recent retail news, discover what Ikea Will Start Selling for the First Time Ever.

Petco's electric shock collars


In early October, Petco announced that they would stop selling electric shock collars, suggesting they are harmful to dogs. The decision was made effective immediately, and all human- and bark-activated electronic pet collars were removed from Petco's shelves in-store, as well as their online stock, on Oct. 6. For more on that decision, learn Why Petco Took Electric Shock Collars Off Its Shelves.

Nordstrom's exotic skins

Fur coat

While many companies have banned fur from being sold in their stores, Nordstrom recently became the first retailer to extend this ban further. Nordstrom announced that they will be banning the sale of furs and exotic skins in their stores and online by the end of 2021. This includes exotic skins like ostrich, alligator, crocodile, kangaroo, and python. And for more retail news you might have missed, find out which Beloved Beauty Brand Is Closing Stores Nationwide.

Walmart's Mississippi flags

A row of flags from many states.

Walmart banned an entire state's flag from being carried in its stores earlier this year. In June, the retailer announced that it would no longer be carrying the Mississippi flag in its stores due to the prominently featured Confederate flag in its design. And for more Walmart news, Walmart Has an Exciting New Surprise for These 6 States.

Ikea's non-rechargeable batteries

high angle view of different batteries

In an environmentally-conscious move, Ikea recently announced that it would remove all non-rechargeable alkaline batteries from its home furnishing range globally by October of next year.

"Consumers who need to frequently use batteries can benefit by replacing alkaline with rechargeable batteries. There are substantial savings to be made over time—on the environment, as well as their wallets," Emelie Knoester, business area manager at Ikea Range and Supply, said in a statement. "Ikea globally sold about 300 million alkaline batteries last year, so we see great potential to inspire our customers to adopt new behaviors and use rechargeable batteries to their full potential." And for more up-to-date information, sign up for our daily newsletter.

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