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These Products Sold at Home Depot Have Been Recalled

You may need to schedule an immediate inspection with an expert.

Those of us who regularly shop at Home Depot know that it's not only the perfect destination for home improvement projects, but also a great place to buy cookware, appliances, and electronics, among countless other things. While you can largely count on the retailer for high-quality products, however, some of the third-party items it sells have been subject to recalls over the years. And now, another brand has issued a recall on certain appliances sold at Home Depot and other stores that may necessitate immediate action. Read on to find out if you need to schedule an inspection.

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Danby Products has recalled certain free-standing and slide-in electric and gas ranges.

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Danby Products Inc. just announced a recall on certain free-standing and slide-in electric and gas ranges, according to a notice posted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). If too much weight is put on the oven door, these ranges can tip over, potentially causing burn injuries if there's something cooking on the stove.

The affected units are the Danby 20" Electric Range Black, the Danby 20" Electric Range White, the Danby 20" Gas Range Solid Black Door, the Danby Designer 20" Gas Range Black Stainless, and the Danby 20" Gas Range White.

These stoves were sold at Home Depot and other appliance retailers.

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While Danby Products is based in Ohio, the company's ovens have been sold across the country. According to the CPSC notice, the recalled ranges might have been purchased at Home Depot or ABC Appliance, though they were also sold at other appliance retailers. The affected products were priced between $560 and $740, and were sold between June 2021 and Nov. 2021, per the CPSC.

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Here's how to tell if your range has been recalled.

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Not all Danby ranges are being recalled. The CPSC recall notice provides a list of all the affected model numbers and serial numbers. If you purchased one of these products at Home Depot or another retailer, you'll first want to check the model number, which can be found on the oven frame or under the electric stovetop. The serial number can either be found inside the bottom drawer on the oven frame (for the gas range) or under the electric stovetop (for the electric range).

It's also possible that you won't need to do this legwork yourself—Danby is calling all known purchasers of these stoves directly.

And here's what to do if you have one of the affected stoves.

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First of all, don't panic—but do avoid putting any weight on the open oven door for the time being. Per the CPSC, you can contact Danby Appliances directly to schedule an inspection free of charge. During the service call, the inspector will make sure the range's anti-tip bracket—which is what keeps the whole thing from toppling over—is in working order, and will repair it if necessary.

Do not attempt to return the recalled range directly to Home Depot, the recall notice cautions, "as retailers are not prepared to take the units back."

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