These Crazy Home "Before-and-After" Photos Will Make You So Jealous

HGTV-worthy makeovers that will make your jaw drop.

Home renovation shows are among the most popular programs on TV these days, and with good reason: there's something truly magical about watching a drab, outdated house turn into something straight from the pages of a magazine. Luckily, even without TV-show budgets, beautiful home before-and-afters are possible. To provide some inspiration, we've rounded up the amazing home transformations so shocking you won't believe your eyes.

This complete kitchen makeover

home before and after kitchen remodel

Eager to feel some serious kitchen envy? Just check out this blast-from-the-past kitchen—and its stunning modern upgrade. Removing the outdated parquet flooring, plaid wallpaper, and upper cabinetry—and replacing them with wood walls, an exposed brick chimney, and wide-plank wood floors, turned this kitchen into a major showpiece. Better yet? Not everything in the original kitchen was a total loss—much of the cabinetry was simply updated with fresh paint and hardware.

This attic-turned-bedroom

home before and after

With a little ingenuity, that attic space you've been using for storage can easily get a new life. In this Tallmadge, Ohio, home, renovated by Exceptional Homes, a dark unfinished attic became a bright and airy master suite with the addition of some insulation, drywall, and paint, all while retaining the charm of the original brick chimney in the center of the room.

This beautified bathroom

home before and after

You don't always need a massive budget to make a major difference in your space. Case in point: this amazing bathroom makeover, which cost less than $200. "Wallpaper from Target, black countertop vinyl, towel holder, and cabinet pulls from Amazon," says designer LuxHabit of her tricks of the trade.

This exterior overhaul

home before and after

Awkward space on the exterior of your home, like this semi-covered breezeway/patio, can detract from its curb appeal in an instant. Enclosing the outdoor space and turning it into a modern entryway turned this space into a showstopper. New siding and paint didn't hurt, either.

This newly-luxe living room

home before and after

The living room is the heart of the home, and also where families tend to spend most of their time. That's why this transformation from Studio Haven Creations is so spectacular. A new mantle (complete with a mounted television), new furniture, wall sconces, and curtains hung above the windows to give the illusion of higher ceilings make this room look like an entirely different space. That's right: no structural changes were made during this stunning renovation.

This beautiful kitchen

home before after

Outdated orangey cabinets, insufficient lighting, a dingy tile floor, and minimal square footage all made this kitchen look dingy and stuck in the past. Expanding the kitchen's layout by knocking down a wall and installing white lacquer cabinetry, a stainless steel range and hood, wide-plank flooring, high-shine stone counters, and ample lighting make this a functional and aesthetically pleasing space for any chef to let their talents shine.

This porch project

home before after

Just because your enclosed front porch tends to wind up as a makeshift storage space for winter coats and muddy boots doesn't mean it has to look drab and dated. With this Ohio home, a few changes (made on a serious budget) made a huge difference. The carpet was ripped up and replaced with wood-lookalike tile, wall paneling was covered with wide plywood boards, the drop ceiling was taken out and replaced with beadboard, a new (antique) door was installed, and the whole space was given a coat of bright white paint.

This exterior redo

home before and after exterior

The exterior of this Ohio home got a major upgrade thanks to some relatively minor improvements. While it looks like an entirely new house, all it took was some fresh paint, the removal of those outdated shutters, a new multi-paned side door, fresh railings, and some planters to completely change the feel of this once worse-for-wear-looking home.

This beautified bathroom

home before and after bathroom

Dark, drab, and definitely in need of some upgrades, this bathroom was completely transformed without knocking down a single wall. The redesign included some white paint to freshen up the closet shelving, the replacement of the outdated beige tile, and a complementary black-and-white curtain (from budget-haven Target, no less).

This kitchen transformation

home before and after kitchen
Jon Beer Contractors

This renovation, courtesy of Jon Beer Contracting in Newburgh, New York, completely transformed an awkward space into an amazing one. The contractors added custom cabinetry and floating shelves, butcher block counters, a white subway tile backsplash, fresh molding, and white paint to complete this transformation that makes you wonder if it's even the same space.

This dining room redo

home before and after dining room remodel
Jon Beer Contractors

Having a full dining room may seem like a luxury, but when it's an awkward and unused space, it's often better repurposed, as was the case with this renovation in Beacon, New York. By blowing out an exterior wall, the kitchen was expanded into a usable, oversized space while retaining much of the period home's charm, like its archways and cast iron radiators. And before you start your grand home remodel, make sure you know these 20 Common Decorating Tips You Should Always Ignore.

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