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Everyone's Talking About This Hilarious Mistake in a New Netflix Movie

Fans were quick to spot a disappearing act in the new teen rom-com He's All That.

The remake of 1999's teen rom-com She's All That, titled He's All that, premiered on Netflix on Friday. And while the major story is how social-media-star-turned-actor Addison Rae fared in her first film, another aspect has people talking, too. On TikTok, the platform that made Rae famous, a user went viral with a clip showing a major mistake in He's All That. The extremely noticeable flub happens during a scene in which Rae's character, Padgett, performs Katy Perry's hit song "Teenage Dream." Read on to see the snafu that made it into the film's final cut and to find out why everyone's talking about it.

First, here's what He's All That is about.

Tanner Buchanan and Addison Rae in "He's All That"
Kevin Estrada / Netflix

For those not tuned into the teen movie universe: He's All That is about a popular girl, Padgett, who decides to turn an unpopular boy, Cameron (Tanner Buchanan) into their school's prom king as part of a bet. This involves Padgett befriending Cameron and giving him a makeover, but in the meantime, they actually do fall for each other with him unaware that there's a bet at all. It's a gender-swapped remake of the later '90s version, starring Freddie Prinze Jr. as the most popular guy in school and Rachael Leigh Cook as the arty girl he takes on as a project to impress his friends. Cook also appears in He's All That, but not as her She's All That character. She plays Padgett's mom.

The He's All That scene that appears to have some kind of green screen mistake happens when Padgett takes Cameron to a karaoke/pool party at one of her wealthy friends' homes.

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Padgett's hand disappears for a split second.


i actually thoroughly enjoyed this movie but the green screen in this scene had me dying 😂

♬ original sound – emilybeidler

During her performance of "Teenage Dream"—which includes choreography—Rae's hand seems to disappear mid-dance move. The TikTok user who pointed this out wrote in her caption, "i actually thoroughly enjoyed this movie but the green screen in this scene had me dying." Many replied to her post saying either that they had noticed the moment too or couldn't believe they didn't catch it while they were watching.

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So how did this happen?

While it looks like the disappearing hand could be a green screen mistake, that may not be the case. If you look at the rest of the scene, it's seems clear that the cast really did film at a house overlooking a beach—they weren't on a soundstage with a beach scene generated behind Rae. But film magic is pretty tricky. The real proof comes from photos of the cast at the location. One picture of multiple cast members posted by the official He's All That Instagram account shows the real scene around them, including a reflection of the ocean in front of them. Cast member Dominic Goodman also posted a selfie with Rae standing right where Rae performed the karaoke scene for the movie.

So, rather than being a green screen mistake, it seems more likely that a combination of the camera, the lighting, and the fast movement of Rae's hand made it look like it briefly disappeared into thin air.

Reviews of the movie were mostly negative.

Dominic Goodman and Addison Rae on the "He's All That" set
© Dominic Goodman / Instagram

This jarring scene isn't the only aspect of the movie that isn't going over well. The film has a 31 percent critic approval on Rotten Tomatoes and a 30 percent from viewers. In many reviews, Rae is said to be charming but not a great actor, and the script is seen as lacking. That said, the original, She's All That, only has a 41% from critics and 55% from audiences, and it's still thought of as a teen romantic comedy classic.

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