Here's How Many People Actually Fall in Love on an Airplane

It happens way more often than you'd think.

airplane romance

Last month, a Twitter thread documenting a real-life love story developing between two strangers who met on an airplane went viral on the Internet. Now, a new study from HSBC suggests that this might not be as rare as you would think.

The British bank surveyed 2,150 people from 141 countries and found that over half of them have previously struck up conversations with strangers on a plane—and one in 50 have actually found love on one.

Of course, for those who don't, airplane travel is increasingly becoming a bit of a nightmare, and not just because the bathrooms are shrinking.

About 48 percent of passengers said they hated it when other people removed their shoes, 65 percent were put off by passengers who were rude to airplane staff, and another 46 percent complained about people hitting the miniature bottles too hard.

Another 37 percent said they were annoyed when people took up too much space, 32 percent were irritated by people using the armrests, and 26 percent said snoring was a real turn-off. So if you're hoping to find love at 39,000 feet, you should go old-school by dressing sharply and adhering to basic social etiquette.

After all, now that many airlines are experimenting with in-flight wifi, your chances of meeting someone by swiping through Tinder on a long-haul flight are getting better and better.

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