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See Heidi Klum's Daughter Leni Looking Like Her Twin in New Selfies

The supermodel's eldest daughter shared some sweet photos in honor of Mother's Day.

Of all the celebrity Mother's Day posts on Instagram this year, this is the one that just might make you do a double take. On Sunday, Heidi Klum's daughter, Leni Klum, posted two photos of herself and her mother on her Instagram Story. The 17-year-old wished Heidi a happy Mother's Day, but in the process showed the world just how similar she and her mom look these days.

This isn't the first time the resemblance between these two has been clear. Heidi has shared photos of herself and her children together on her own Instagram account, and in addition to that, Heidi and Leni have even modeled together in the same photoshoots. Read on to see these brand new photos of Heidi and Leni and to find out more about Heidi's family.

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Leni celebrated Mother's Day with some sweet selfies.

Heidi and Leni Klum in an Instagram selfie
© Leni Klum / Instagram

Leni posted two photos of herself with her mom on her Instagram Story. The first shows Leni hugging Heidi as they hang out on a beach. "Happy Mother's Day Mama!!" Leni wrote on the photo. "I love you."

The resemblance is even more stunning in the second picture.

Heidi and Leni Klum in an Instagram selfie
© Leni Klum / Instagram

In the second photo, Leni and Heidi look almost like twins. In this shot, Leni gives her mom a kiss on the cheek as they take a selfie in a car.

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Heidi also posted about the family's Mother's Day celebrations.

On her own Instagram account, Heidi shared a Mother's Day post showing off her breakfast-in-bed setup. The tableau includes a tray with pancakes topped with chocolate in the shape of a heart, flowers, coffee, and stones that have Mother's Day messages painted on them.

"Happy Mothers day," Heidi wrote in the caption. "To my Mother Erna [Klum], soon to be Mothers, longing to be Mothers, Mother figures and I send my LOVE to anybody for whom today is especially hard."

Leni is already making waves in the modeling world.

Heidi and Leni Klum on the cover of "Vogue" Germany's January/February 2021 issue
Vogue Germany

Following in her Heidi's footsteps, Leni is well on her way to being a supermodel. Leni's first cover was the January/February 2021 issue of German Vogue, which she shared with her mother, both of them striking a pose in colorful suits.

Leni posted about the opportunity on Instagram, writing, "So excited for my first cover!! I had so much fun on set with @voguegermany couldn't dream of a better start!! Thank you for being by my side @heidiklum."

In a December 2020 interview with People, Heidi spoke about her daughter's aspirations. "She's old enough now," Heidi said of Leni modeling. "I always thought she was too young. We always also decided to keep the children out of the public eye. But she's driving a car now, she's 16, so I figured if you can do that, you can also model now if this is what you wish to do." She added, "Who knows, maybe in five years when I'm not hosting the show anymore maybe it's going to be like Germany's Next Top Model by Leni Klum instead of Heidi Klum."

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Heidi has three younger children, too.

In addition to Leni, Heidi has three more children with ex-husband Seal: 15-year-old Henry, 14-year-old Johan, and 11-year-old Lou. While Heidi posts primarily about the behind-the-scenes of her work hosting Germany's Next Top Model and America's Got Talent, she does sometimes share photos of their family life. She always makes sure that her younger children's faces are covered in the photos she posts, whether that's by COVID masks or Christmas presents.

In January, Heidi posted a photo of all four children joining her for a day at work. "Today it's …… bring ALL your kids to work day," she wrote alongside a picture of the family riding in the back of a van. On Mother's Day last year, she shared another picture of the family. This one featured all of them hanging out in bed, along with their two dogs. She wrote, "Mother's Day breakfast in bed."

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