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These Are the Best Golf Shoes You Can Buy for 2019

The top models of the year—from old-school to ultra-sporty

Remember the days where golf shoes and bowling rentals shared way too much in common? Yeah, us too—and we're glad they're gone. Despite horrifying memories of the oversized and uninspiring golf shoes of old, the same style reawakening going down in golf apparel is spilling over into footwear, too. And while a plethora of fresh, new companies are leading the charge, recent releases by industry stalwarts prove that even the old dogs have a few tricks up their sleeve.

At the forefront of the modern footwear movement is the premise that a golf shoe should be wearable for more than just golf. In turn, companies are looking beyond the board room and out into the streets for a little style inspiration. Replaceable spikes are being, well, replaced as sleek designs and spike-less bottoms allow today's golfers to ditch the shoe bag and rock their shoes straight to the course and beyond. Whether you're after a show-stopping sneaker style or desire a reinvented classic, no two ways about it: today's golf kicks are bringing the heat. Here are are a dozen of the best golf shoes for 2019. And to look your best head-to-toe, check out these 15 Stylish Golf Shirts Way Better Than Your Average Polo.

Nike Air Max 1G

Nike Air Max Golf

$120; buy now at

From the company synonymous with the best athletes in the world, Nike recently looked to their ever-popular Air Max sneaker to design a golf shoe that's as cool as it is comfortable. A water-resistant fabrication helps keep your feet dry on the course, while the spike-free treads and fashion-forward color options—including a stunning red-and-white, as pictured—make the Nike Air Max 1G a worthy off-course look, too.

G/FORE MG4.1(Men & Women)

gfore mg4 pewter top golf shoes

$185; more info at (available on April 15th)

G/FORE is no stranger to eye-catching designs, and their upcoming MG4.1 golf shoe is no exception. This athletic-style shoe—complete with an ultra-light construction, knit upper, and ribbed rubber bottom—is designed to be worn everywhere from the streets to the course. Extra attention to a clean toe line and a unique architecturally-inspired midsole pattern offer a great aesthetic, too.

Plus, women can rejoice, as the MG4.1 is a unisex shoe, available in both men's and women's sizes—and in five different colors, to boot. (For what it's worth, we're partial to the pewter, as pictured.) Mark your calendars: the MG4.1 is available for order on April 15th.

Royal Albartross Club Brogue Black

THE BROGUE BLACK royal albatross golf show

$299; buy now at

If superior comfort and a refined style are your thing, you'll love the Club Brogue Black from Royal Albartross. Handmade in Italy, the black calf leather and semi-brogue lend a premium look, while the patented orange Vibram sole and subtle red stitching add a nice touch of detailing. These Club Brogues will look as good with a blazer at dinner as they do with performance trousers on the golf course.

Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 GTX

Ecco Men's Hybrid Golf Shoe

$200; buy now at

Seeking top-notch performance in a golf shoe? Then look no further than the Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 GTX. Though not as strong in the style department as some of the other brands, this golf shoe is designed to withstand any and every on-course element you may encounter. Leather uppers yield incredible stability, waterproof GORE-TEX keeps your feet dry even in the wettest conditions, and a patented "Tri-Fi-Grip" technology has been utilized to make every step more efficient and comfortable.

G/FORE Women's Welt Stud Gallivanter

G/Fore golf shoe

$250; buy now at

For any women looking to add a little flare to their golf shoe collection, the G/FORE Welt Stud Gallivanter is the perfect choice. This shoe carries all the benefits of the traditional Gallivanter—lightweight, waterproof leather with a padded interior for extra comfort—while the addition of metallic and gold-stud detailing presents a unique look that's sure to make any outfit pop.

New Balance NB 574

$105; buy now at

The same streetwear we've come to love from New Balance has been transformed into a green-worthy shoe. The New Balance NB 574 delivers with a water-resistant construction for those dewey mornings and a spike-less rubber outsole designed to take you well beyond the course.

Jack Grace Innovator 1.0 Golf Shoe(Men & Women)

M Golf Shoe

$160; buy now at

Possibly the most versatile shoe in golf, Jack Grace's Innovator 1.0 Golf Shoes feature an interchangeable saddle, allowing players to change their look in a matter of seconds. The shoe is essentially a blank canvas (it comes in white, grey, and black), where a variety of different colored saddles can be swapped in-and-out to appropriately match the outfit of the day. And to top it off, they're available in a women's version, too.

True Links TRUE Major

true major golf shoes

$199; buy now at

With a mission to design shoes for the walking golfer (read: lots of comfort), True Links recently released its latest creation, the TRUE Major. Okay, so what makes it major? The shoe design comes directly from years of feedback and discussions by the TRUE Player Advisory Board (in other words: PGA Tour Players). With some of the best players in the world weighing in, you can trust the on-course performance here is stellar.

G/FORE Disruptor (Men and Women)

G/Fore Disruptor Golf Shoe

$185; buy now at

At the forefront of bringing street fashion to golf, the G/FORE Disruptors are the epitome of a street-style golf shoe. The beauty lies in the simplicity of the shoe, offering an opportunity to pair the Disruptors with just about anything on or off the course. They come in a variety of different colors for men and women, but, in our eyes, it's hard to beat the ultra-clean look of the classic white.

Adidas Crossknit 3.0 Shoes

Adidas Crossknit Golf Shoes

$150; buy now at

Mimicking an athletic sneaker, the Adidas Crossknit 3.0 Shoes are lightweight, water-repellant, and feature a spike-less bottom. Available in a cool blue, complete with unique metallic designing, this golf shoe is designed with one purpose on mind: To stand out from the rest.

Puma Malbon Suede G Golf Shoes

Puma Malbon Golf Shoes

$144; buy now at

In collaboration with Los Angelas based Malbon Golf, the Puma Malbon Suede G's are a style-savvy choice that extend from the links to the streets. The classic Puma silhouette is combined with a suede leather upper and hidden traction sole for an outstanding performance—and looks to match.

FootJoy 1857 Shield Tip Shoe

FootJoy Shield Tip Golf Shoe

$750; buy now at

Though the versatility of spike-less golf shoes has taken full hold this season, we'd be remiss to exclude a more traditional style shoe. For those seeking classic styling with epic old-school vibes, the FootJoy 1857 Shield Tips are the epitome of cool. Fully handcrafted with Goodyear Welted leather soles, calfskin leather uppers, and unparalleled detailing, the FootJoy Shield Tip shoes pay homage to the history of golf, while lending an ultra-luxurious option for the course. The price tag is steep, but with proper care, trust these beauties will last you a lifetime. And for some places to sport your new kicks, consider playing The 9 Hardest Golf Holes in America.

Jordan Griggs is an avid golfer, travel enthusiast, and founder of the site The Dapper Drive

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