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What Your Favorite Flower Reveals About Your Personality, According to Therapists

Your favorite bloom may actually mirror your personality in surprising ways.

When it comes to anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, and other sentimental holidays, many of us hope to receive a bouquet. And while any arrangement can be beautiful, we often have a favorite type of flower we'd like to see featured in the bunch. You might just like the look of a particular bloom, but your favorite flower may also tell you a little bit about your personality, therapists say.

"By considering the individual's favorite flower, one can gain clues to their character traits and the emotions which shape them," Courtney Hubscher, MS, LMHC, NCC, of GroundWork Counseling, LLC, tells Best Life. "A favorite flower may also indicate if someone is traditional, or more open-minded and usual in their preferences."

David Tzall, PsyD, a licensed psychologist, notes that you may have a "personal connection" to a certain flower, which reminds you of certain events, loved ones, or places—and in general, your favorites can "evoke positive emotions and a sense of nostalgia."

But beyond that, the flowers you love can also reflect your personality. Read on to find out what your favorite variety says about who you are.

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tulips in a field
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If you eagerly await the arrival of spring just so you can see the tulips bloom, you're likely a "glass half-full" kind of person.

"Tulips are known for symbolizing springtime, and therefore, new beginnings, and positive energy," Daniel Rinaldi, therapist and life coach with Fresh Starts Registry and the founder of Live Your F'N Life, tells Best Life. "If you love tulips of all colors, you are most likely someone who is generally optimistic, and very creative! People who love tulips tend to be very artistic and passionate about the arts."

Bayu Prihandito, founder of Life Architekture and certified psychology consultant, also notes that tulips are simple, elegant, and multicolored, which may appeal to people who "appreciate flexibility, diversity, and adaptability" in everyday life


white lilies
Berilova Irida / Shutterstock

The lily is a more "traditional" flower, with the white variety symbolizing purity and rebirth, clinical psychologist Carla Marie Manly, PhD, tells Best Life. With that in mind, if you're drawn to the lily, you might have a more subdued nature, she says.

"Often associated with purity and refined beauty, lilies could signify a preference for tranquility and harmony," Prihandito says. "Lily lovers may value honesty and integrity and possess a quiet strength and ease in handling life's challenges."

Lisa Lawless, PhD, CEO of Holistic Wisdom, Inc., notes that those who are drawn to lilies "appreciate being graceful and refined."

She adds, "There can also be an air of determination to achieve a higher path in life."

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purple and white orchids
Santiago Quintero Alzate / Shutterstock

Orchids typically symbolize love, fertility, and beauty—and they're another traditional variety that more reserved people may favor, according to Manly. However, orchid lovers can also be the complete opposite kind of person.

"The exotic and captivating orchid might attract individuals with a taste for the unique and unconventional," Prihandito says. "These creative beings appreciate mystery, are comfortable with complexities, and are unafraid to stand out."

According to Zahid Adnan, gardener, chief editor, and founder of The Plant Bible, if you like orchids, you may have an air of mystery around you, but beneath that, there's a layer of warmth and a "genuine desire to connect with others on a deeper level."


bouquet of peonies
Viktoria Hodos / Shutterstock

According to Rinaldi, this pretty and popular pick is often associated with "beauty, elegance, and prosperity."

"If your favorite flower is a peony, there's a good chance that you might be somehow who romanticizes your life, noticing the beauty in every day and has a gentle way about you," he says. "You may be someone who loves history and classic romances, and loves to read classic novels and study old films."

In Japan and China, peonies symbolize wealth and rank—meaning you might also hold yourself to a higher standard.

"If the peony is your favorite flower, it suggests that you are a person of refined taste and appreciate the finer things in life," Adnan says. "Peony lovers tend to exude elegance and grace, often possessing a romantic and sentimental nature. They have a penchant for beauty and enjoy surrounding themselves with luxurious and aesthetically pleasing elements."

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sunflowers growing in a field
Pablesku / Shutterstock

Big, bright sunflowers "convey a bit of wildness," Manly says, which may draw those with "more free-spirited natures."

As indicated by its name, sunflowers are also drawn to and absorb the warmth of the sun—and if they're your favorite, this warmth may also be reflected in your personality. Those in your life would likely consider you friendly, open, and someone they genuinely enjoy being around.

"Sunflowers are big, bright, and bold flowers, and those who enjoy them are often the same in their personality," Lawless explains. "There is a cheerful component with warmth and resilience that can symbolize a cheery, optimistic personality."

Adnan adds that sunflowers lovers also "have a strong sense of individuality and a magnetic personality that draws others towards them." In addition, they're equipped to tackle obstacles and demonstrate resilience—much like the sturdy sunflower.


bouquet of red roses

Easily one of the most popular picks, roses are associated with love and beauty, according to Tzall. As such, if roses are your favorite, you might be more "romantic or sentimental," Hubscher says.

Maybe you believe in love at first sight or adore a grand public gesture, but no matter what, you always feel deeply.

"Roses are the classic flower symbol of love and beauty, so it is no surprise that if roses are your favorite you might be a passionate, romantic, and nurturing person," Rinaldi says. "People who love roses are romantic in their own life, always looking for their one true love, but they also love to nurture other people with love and compassion."

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Ivan Azimov 007 / Shutterstock

Last but certainly not least is the daisy, another flower that may appeal to more free-spirited folks, according to Manly.

Experts agree that if the daisy is your favorite, you're likely young at heart (as daisies symbolize innocence) and try not to take life too seriously.

"The simple daisy can indicate an appreciation for authenticity and simplicity," Prihandito says. "Daisy lovers could be down-to-earth individuals with a funny side, valuing honesty and always having a youthful spirit, regardless of their age."

Adnan adds that these folks are also lighthearted and playful. "Daisy enthusiasts tend to have a childlike wonder about the world, appreciating the small joys and finding beauty in simplicity," he says. "They are optimistic and have a knack for making others feel at ease with their cheerful and friendly demeanor."

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