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What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Love Life, According to Therapists

Red lovers bring the passion, while those who favor blue hues are ready to commit.

If you think pink and red are the only colors associated with love and lust, we're going to stop you right there. According to therapists, anyone's favorite color can say a lot about their love life.

"While your love life is complex and can be influenced by various things, certain personality traits associated with favorite colors may indirectly relate to someone's approach to love and relationships," shares Daniel Rinaldi, therapist, life coach, and founder of Live Your F'N Life.

To see how your preferred hue may be affecting your romantic side, keep reading to hear from Rinaldi and other experts.

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Man and woman hugging at a restaurants. She's wearing a red dress.
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All the experts we consulted agree that red represents passion. And people with this favorite color "are often emotionally energetic about their love life and may boldly show affection," says Lisa Lawless, PhD, psychotherapist and CEO of Holistic Wisdom.

Rinaldi adds that red lovers are likely to seek out excitement and spontaneity in a relationship. But Michele Goldman, psychologist and Hope for Depression Research Foundation media advisor, notes that sometimes all this fiery energy can feel like "too much" for a partner—however, their compassion and devotion usually win out.


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When it comes to romance, people with the favorite color pink may be the ones to expect a real-life fairytale. And according to Lawless, their playful and optimistic nature means they just might get it.

"Those who love pink want affection, gentleness, and nurturing," says Rinaldi. "In a relationship, they want true romance, empathy, and connection. They want a loving and supportive partner who appreciates being cared for"


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"Purple is associated with loyalty, passion, self-empowerment, individuality, and a strong sense of self-worth," explains Goldman.

Rinaldi adds that these often-creative people may seek out partners who they connect with both emotionally and intellectually, as well as "someone who appreciates their unique qualities and supports their growth."

Goldman also says that purple lovers are likely to exhibit these same qualities in return. "Individuals who trend towards this color will be highly encouraging to their partners; they will advocate [for them] to be strong and independent."

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According to color psychology, orange is one of the least-liked colors.

Therefore, those who love this hue "tend to be more adventurous and spontaneous, which can translate to romantic getaways, fun date nights, and energized conversations," she explains.

Lawless adds that people who favor orange may exude a natural warmth and seek out social connections with other couples.


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"Yellow tends to be mostly associated with energy, happiness, and being upbeat," says Goldman. "These folks usually are optimistic, warm, and creative."

"In their love life, they seek a partner who is enthusiastic, enjoys adventure, and values joy and laughter in their relationship," concurs Rinaldi.

They're likely to not take things too seriously and meet the hard times with a playful and positive attitude.

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Green represents nature, and as such, those who favor this color are often grounded and nurturing.

"They tend to be balanced between the heart and the head when making romantic decisions," says Goldman. "This translates to a partner who is considerate and contemplative and might feel very safe and level."

So, if you're looking for a spontaneous or adventurous partner, "those who love green might not fit your desire," she adds.


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Blue is often cited as the most popular color in the world due to its calming nature—and this relaxed feeling often translates to people who have blue as a favorite color.

"These individuals tend to prefer to be in a stable and consistent relationship; there tends to be a focus on trust," notes Goldman. "People who love blue are seen to be loyal and reliable."

Lawless adds that open and honest communication is likely to be a priority in relationships. Like green lovers, though, don't expect much in the way of spur-of-the-moment action.

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