Here's Visual Proof That Emily Ratajkowski Has Mastered the Sexy Selfie

Marriage hasn't slowed down Instagram's sultriest star.

emily ratajkowski nude photo utah honeymoon

If you were worried that Emily Ratajkowski's surprise wedding to Sebastian Bear-McClard meant no more nude photos, you can breathe easy. As a vocal supporter for a woman's right to post sexy photos on Instagram without being called nasty names, you could have guessed that she would have chosen a man who was perfectly comfortable with her decision to share her body on social media whenever she pleased.

Her first post-nuptial photos, however stunning, were fairly tame by her standards. But, yesterday, she shared some throwback photos to their incredible honeymoon at the remote luxury Utah retreat Amangiri, and proved that having a husband just means she has an even better photographer to snap her legendary nude shots.

Take me back

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Posing for my husband like

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Never change, EmRat!

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