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20 Double Date Ideas Every Couple Should Try

These exciting date ideas are twice the fun!

The only thing more fun than a solo date with your significant other is bringing your favorite couple along for the ride. When you feel like you're in a Netflix and chill rut or that you simply need some new people to talk to, call up your go-to duo and make some memories. If you're in need of some inspiration, check out these awesome double date ideas that will help you keep the spark alive. From full-on adventures to low-key nights out, our list of double date ideas has something for every relationship and friend group.

Host a game night with your favorite couple

Sometimes you don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home to have an epic double date. Tiya Cunningham-Sumter, a certified relationship coach, suggests dusting off those board games you've been hoarding (here are a few incredible options for couples). In addition to being low cost, you and your friends are guaranteed to have a blast channeling your inner child and getting in touch with your competitive sides. "It's a great way to connect and have some fun without spending too much," she says.

Reserve a few seats at the local comedy club

If you're not all that familiar with the couple you're heading out with, try a night at the comedy club. Since you won't have to spend the entire night chatting, this is a low-pressure activity for a group. Plus, the next time you guys hang out, you'll have plenty to reminisce on.

Go to a paint-and-sip event

Bring a few bottles of wine to your local paint-and-sip joint and paint away. This is a fun and active alternative to an old-fashioned dinner date at a restaurant or bar. Whether you're a self-proclaimed Picasso or a novice, painting while drinking wine is always a winning combination.

Help the animals at your local shelter

This is one of those double date ideas that also helps you give back. Pop by your local shelter and spend some quality time with the animals. Petting animals is a stress reliever and you'll get to pat yourself on the back when you're done. It's a win-win—and maybe the couple you're with (or even you and your S.O.!) will take home a new best friend.

Do a team-building ropes course

Head to an adventure park like Camelback Mountain Adventures where you can spend the day participating in team-building activities like ropes and obstacle courses, suggests licensed marriage and family therapist Katie Ziskind. Sure, you'll leave tired, but it's also a bonding experience. "You'll get an adrenaline rush and a thrill, while also running around and using energy," says Ziskind.

Say "namaste" at a group yoga class

If adventure is not your idea of fun, book a group yoga class instead—there's nothing more relaxing. And if you reserve a private class for four, you'll get even more hands-on instruction. The benefits of yoga are notable; you'll get a good workout in and build trust in your relationship. Those post-workout endorphins don't hurt either.

Go on a food crawl

You're hungry, but you don't know what you're in the mood for? A perfect solution to your problem is an outdoor food market. Try something like Smorgasburg in New York City, where you can get a taste of just about every type of cuisine for cheap. Local fairs and farmers markets are great ideas, too.

Cook dinner together

Rather than making reservations for four at that hot new restaurant, pick a dish you've been dying to try and attempt to cook it on your own. Split the cost of ingredients down the middle and get to chopping those vegetables. And don't forget the wine!

Go on a zip line adventure someplace beautiful

If you and your friends love a thrill, try a zip line course. There's nothing like a stimulating activity to bring you together and distract you from the fact that you're on a date! "There's a good chance that you'll be out in nature, which by itself can be relaxing," says therapist and social worker Alisha Powell.

Solve a mystery at an escape room

This is another one of the best double date ideas for couples who aren't totally comfy together yet. Invite your new friends to an escape room and put your brains to the test. Even if you can't solve the clues and make it out in time, it'll make for a good story.

Go on a wine tour or wine tasting

Try out a bunch of different varieties at a local tasting, get a little buzzed, and then buy your favorite one. This is a great opportunity to learn something new (make sure to ask the folks at the tasting about their favorite wines) and to get to know another couple in a laid-back atmosphere.

Attend a sports game together

It doesn't matter if you're a fan or not. Buy last-minute tickets to a local sports game and cheer for whichever team you choose. Plus, booze and fried food abound if you're not enjoying yourself already. Try your hardest to get on the Kiss Cam while you're at it!

Take a mixology class

Book a class at a mixology studio and learn how to shake, stir, and concoct classic cocktails like the Manhattan and the Cosmopolitan. Most places offer free snacks to help you soak up the booze too. Plus, you can use your new skills at your next couples' game night!

Learn something new together

Whether it's dancing, knitting, or shuffleboard, slowly but surely become experts in an activity from start to finish together. A class for four will also likely be much cheaper than one for just you and your beau.

Work up a sweat at that new workout class

Maybe you need another couple to hold you accountable and get you off the couch. Motivate each other by booking a class you've been dying to try. While you're at it, reward yourselves with a nice brunch afterward.

Play a game of charades

It's not just for kids. Call up your favorite duo and invite them over for a game night of charades and hors d'oeuvres. Like most games, you can make it a drinking game for an extra twist.

Go on a double-date cooking class

If cooking at home isn't your forte (or you've all got super tiny apartment kitchens), reserve a spot at a place like Sur La Table or Taste Bud Kitchen. "There are few better ways to get an idea of someone's personality than seeing how they handle the pressure in the kitchen," says relationship expert Adina Mahalli.

Strike out at the bowling alley

Blogger Steve Daniel suggests an old-school outing to a bowling alley. No matter how you split up the teams, it's "a social game, a fun competition, and everyone can add their little touch to it with the way they throw the ball." Make things more competitive with the challenge that the loser picks up the bar tab!

Take a hike together

This is one of those double date ideas with multiple benefits: fresh air, exercise, and quality bonding time. On the next nice day, embrace Mother Nature and head to the nearest hiking trail.

Get on the water for a sailing adventure

If you live near the water, escape the hustle and bustle of daily life on a ferry, rowboat, or sailboat. Being surrounded by water offers beautiful scenery and will make you feel at ease. If boats make you woozy, a day trip to the beach is an excellent alternative.

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