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5 Dog Breeds Most Pet Owners Can't Handle, Vet Warns

Not all dogs work for every person. Here are some breeds you may want to avoid.

They say dogs are man's best friend, but even your very best friends can have some hard-to-deal-with personality quirks. The same can be said for certain types of dogs. And according to veterinary surgeon Ben Simpson-Vernon, some dogs are frequently underestimated for their difficulty. He specifically mentions five dog breeds that most pet owners can't handle. Keep reading to hear which pooches might be a bit much—despite how cute they look.

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siberian husky
Dioniya / Shutterstock

In a TikTok video on his account, Simpson-Vernon shares that though huskies are loyal and are cute puppies and beautiful dogs, they're not for everyone.

The breed gained popularity a few years ago when people saw them in more films and TV shows like the Twilight franchise and Game of Thrones. Unfortunately,more shelters have seen them returned because people don't know how to properly care for them.

"They need lots of exercise," Simpson-Vernon explains. "You have to remember these dogs are bred to pull sleds long distances in cold weather conditions."

Simply walking a husky down the street for a bathroom break isn't enough; they'll get bored and start to exhibit unwanted behaviors if they're not active or stimulated enough.

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Cockapoo Mixed Breed Dogs

Cockapoos make fantastic family pets, but they're often underestimated in terms of care since they're a small breed.

"They're a cross between a poodle, which is highly intelligent, and a highly energetic cocker spaniel, so they're definitely not lap dogs," says Simpson-Vernon.

"There's also a common misconception that they're hypoallergenic and fine to live with for people with dog allergies, but there's very little evidence to back this up," he adds.

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German Shepherds

german shepherd

German Shepherds' health problems are what lands them on the list as a breed most pet owners can't handle.

"There's a long list of problems that they're genetically predisposed to," says Simpson-Vernon. And many of these issues, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, can't be screened for.

Additionally, Simpson-Vernon notes that while German Shepherds can be incredibly protective of their owners, they also can be quite aggressive at the vet. He describes them as big, boisterous dogs and says, "It's really important that they're well trained and socialized at a young age, especially if there are any children in the house."

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French Bulldogs

french bulldog on couch
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Despite their adorable wrinkly faces, French Bulldogs are another difficult-to-care-for breed due to health problems and the associated financial commitment.

"The French Bulldog is a low health status dog, and the chances are that your vet bills over your dog's lifespan are going to be significantly higher than average," says Simpson-Vernon. This also means their life expectancy is shorter than other breeds, which can be more emotional for families.

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Rescued street dogs

Rescue Dog

While rescuing street dogs can feel like a nice thing to do, Simpson-Vernon says it's not a great idea: "It's often an easier process than rescuing from a shelter, [but] many of these dogs are not suited to life as pets."

Often, these dogs will be anxious or have serious behavioral problems. Since they weren't around humans in their first three to four months of life, they tend to be scared or skittish and can take a while to feel fully safe.

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