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If You Have This TV Provider, Prepare to Lose Your Favorite Channels Next Week

The provider may soon have to remove 108 channels for millions of subscribers.

Both cable and satellite television can cost a pretty penny these days, causing many Americans to turn their back on TV providers and stick to streaming services in recent years. But cable and satellite's main selling point is that they offer hundreds of live television channels that streaming services do not, and that's still a draw for viewers willing to pay some hefty costs. Unfortunately, that perk is now at risk for certain subscribers. Read on to find out which television provider may be forced to drop over 100 channels next week.

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Dish Network subscribers may soon lose channels amid a dispute with the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Parkdale, Oregon, USA - Oct 26, 2019: DISH satellite TV antennas are seen in a farm. DISH Network Corporation is a U.S. television provider.

Dish Network subscribers may be without their favorite channels soon, thanks to a dispute with Sinclair Broadcast Group. On Aug. 9, Sinclair said that it is unlikely that it will reach a new agreement with the television provider before their existing deal expires on Aug. 16. According to Sinclair, this will impact around 3.5 million subscribers in 38 percent of the U.S.

"We have tried unsuccessfully to reach fair and customary terms with Dish Network for the renegotiation of our retransmission consent," David Gibber, Sinclair's General Counsel, said in a statement. "Given the status of these negotiations, we feel it is important to alert Dish Network subscribers to the real risk that some of their favorite stations will no longer be available through Dish Network."

The TV provider will have to drop 108 channels if a new agreement is not reached.

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If the pair do not reach a new agreement before Aug. 16, all Sinclair broadcast TV stations and the Tennis Channel will be dropped from Dish Network. In total, this is expected to affect around 108 channels, including 97 ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC affiliates in several states, such as California, Texas, and New York. According to Gibber, this will cause Dish Network subscribers to lose "access to live, local news, popular syndicated programming, [and] sports programming including college and NFL football."

Tennis fans will also lose "wall-to-wall coverage of the Western & Southern Open from Cincinnati, Ohio," as well as "on-demand access and online access to the programming" when the Tennis Channel is dropped, Gibber explained.

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Dish Network says Sinclair is making "outrageous demands."

June 2, 2020, Brazil. In this photo illustration the DISH Network Corporation logo seen displayed on a smartphone.

Dish Network released its own follow-up statement on Aug. 9, calling the broadcasting company's demands "outrageous." According to Dish, Sinclair's new agreement not only has the broadcasting company increasing its fees, but also requires that the television provider carry other programs that many customers do not watch.

"Sinclair is demanding Dish pay nearly a billion dollars in fees for their television channels—a massive increase from what we pay for these same channels today despite declining viewership," Brian Neylon, the group president of Dish TV, said in a statement. "Sinclair is making these outrageous demands, turning its back on its public interest obligation and putting customers in the middle of its negotiations."

Both companies appear to be waiting for the other to concede.

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The two companies have a week to reach an agreement that would allow subscribers to keep these channels. "There is still time to reach an agreement with Sinclair that is fair for all parties involved, especially our customers. We will continue to fight on behalf of DISH customers to keep TV bills as low as possible," Neylon said. Gibber, on the other hand, said Sinclair encourages subscribers in affected markets to "contact Dish Network and let them know that it is important to them that Dish Network carry these stations."

But if no agreement is made, Sinclair says Dish Network subscribers can discontinue their service or switch providers to continue to get these stations. "We apologize to our viewers for the inconvenience this may cause although our programming will continue to be available either through other program providers or via over-the-air antenna reception," Gibber said.

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