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"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Star Slammed for Alleged Homophobic Insult

Crystal Kung Minkoff made the controversial remark at this year's BravoCon.

BravoCon provided Bravo lovers with plenty of gossip this past weekend, whether they were at the fan convention in person or following along from home. But one Bravolebrity is in hot water after giving an offensive comment about another star at the event. While being interviewed about a disparaging comment radio host and former Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis made about her, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Crystal Kung Minkoff referred to him by what some have called out as a homophobic term.

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During a red carpet chat alongside fellow RHOBH stars Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke, an Access Hollywood correspondent asked Kung Minkoff, "Did you hear Jeff Lewis throw some shade at you?"

In the clip, which is circulating on social media, Lewis is talking about current season's premiere during an onstage panel. "Did you all see episode one of Season 13?" the TV personality asks the crowd. "Did you notice how Crystal didn't talk the entire time? It was the best episode I've ever seen with Crystal in it!"

Kung Minkoff told the reporter that she did hear what he said, and added, "And he texted me and he apologized, and I said, thank you for apologizing, because you're a [expletive]." The expletive the 40-year-old used begins with a "c" and refers to a sex act.

Beauvais and Stracke asked Kung Minkoff what Lewis said about her. Rather than repeating his comment, Kung Minkoff said, "He's [expletive]. He's a [expletive] guy. And it's because he wants to be a Housewife and he never will be so that's why." Here, the expletive Kung Minkoff used is the adjective form of a curse word that begins with a "b."

Explicit language in video above.

Some fans of RHOBH praised Kung Minkoff's response with posts on X (formerly Twitter) reading, "This is the Crystal we want to see more of," and, "She didn't lie tho, we all know Jeff Lewis wants to be a housewife so bad." (Lewis discusses Real Housewives on his show and has stirred up drama with other stars.) But, others found Kung Minkoff's words to be homophobic—not only in the terms she used, but also in her assertion that Lewis wishes he could be a Housewife.

"That was not the 'own' she thinks it is. Its giving homophobia," wrote one X user. "Calling a gay man a [expletive] isn't a cute look…." wrote another. Someone else added, "Idk am I the only one who thinks this came across slightly homophobic?" A user responded to that tweet with, "Agree. She didn't need to use homophobic language. I hope someone on her team corrects her so she doesn't do that again."

Someone else pointed out that Kung Minkoff has talked openly on the show about racism she's faced, which makes them view her comment about Lewis as inconsistent. "Crystal's only storyline the last 2 seasons were literally about her feelings about micro aggressions. So for her to use [expletive] for a gay man says a lot in my opinion and I don't even like Jeff." A commenter responded to this post, writing, "And to say he wishes he could be a housewife? Go to bed Crystal."

Similarly, another user wrote, "I'm opposed to micro-aggressions and they should be called out… that said, Crystal being the leader of calling them out and then using '[expletive]' as a derogatory term for a gay man? Not cool. Accidents happen, I'm not labeling her homophobic, but she should correct herself."

Explicit language in video above.

Lewis has now weighed in on the situation on his SiriusXM show Jeff Lewis Live. He explained that he didn't perceive Kung Minkoff's comment as being homophobic. On the Nov. 6 episode, he said that a mutual friend of theirs, Tracy Tutor, told Lewis that Kung Minkoff was upset about what he said in his panel. He asked for her phone number so he could apologize.

Lewis said Kung Minkoff then wrote back, "Hey, thanks. I was just wondering why you seem to hate me or be obsessed with me, but Tracy, whom I adore, vouched hard for you and just said you're a regular old [previously stated c-word expletive], so all good."

Lewis continued, "Then she went on the red carpet and she said that I'm a [expletive] guy, I want to be a Housewife and I never will, and that I'm a [expletive]. So, she's not wrong. So, people are saying that's homophobic, whatever. I don't view it that way at all. I think it's funny, and I actually respect her for, like, coming back at me, so now I'm kind of intrigued by her." A co-host said that the word Kung Minkoff used can mean an expletive that begins with an "a," which does not have a homophobic connotation.

"I don't know what she meant exactly by that, but she's right on both accounts," Lewis said. "Yeah, I'm an [expletive that begins with 'a']."

Best Life has reached out to Kung Minkoff for comment.

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