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9 Comfiest Sandals You Can Walk in All Day, Podiatrists Say

Add these to your shopping list so you can be comfy and stylish this summer.

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With the onset of summer, we're switching over our closets, tucking away our sweaters and heavy boots. At the same time, we're pulling out warm-weather favorites, including our go-to sandals. These options are invaluable when the temperature rises, and a staple when you hit the pool or the beach. But several of these shoes lack comfort—and if you have foot pain, it's challenging to find a good fit. That's where podiatrists come in. Read more for their suggestions for the comfiest sandals to invest in this summer.

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Why is it important to prioritize comfy sandals?

Middle aged woman walking on the beach with sandals in her hand. She is wearing a flowery summer dress.
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According to podiatrists, there are a few key reasons why you need to be selective with your sandals and put comfort first.

"There are many types of sandals on the market, and many can help prevent foot discomfort or aid in relief if you do have foot pain. They can be a great alternative to enclosed footwear, especially during the warmer months," Patrick McEneaney, DPM, owner and CEO of Northern Illinois Foot and Ankle Specialists, tells Best Life. "Some sandals have similar features to athletic shoes, like extra shock absorption, a durable outsole, and adjustable straps. They can help support the feet and provide stability to prevent injuries."

In addition, you want to prevent any potential issues caused by your footwear.

"My motto is 'function over fashion,'" says Lori Grant, MD, a podiatrist at Orlando Health. "That is hard for some of us females to understand, but in the end, your feet will thank you. Wearing the wrong sandals may lead to plantar fasciitis (heel pain), possible stress fractures, and neuromas, just to name a few."

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What should you look for in a sandal?

velcro sneakers
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There are a few crucial things to look for when choosing sandals. Check the sole to make sure it has a thicker bottom, and avoid anything that's too thin, Grant advises. Arch support, cushioning in the heel and the ball of the foot, a non-slip outsole, and adjustable straps are other indicators of a quality, comfortable shoe.

"I'm quite old-fashioned when it comes to selecting sandals, in that I mean it really does not matter what brand, style, and cost—what matters is that it fits your feet correctly," says Margaret Trevillion, MSc, a UK-based podiatrist with Walk This Way Podiatry. "Investing in a good pair of supportive sandals can make a world of difference in your comfort and foot health. By choosing sandals for what your feet need, you can enjoy your summer activities without worrying about foot pain or discomfort."

Teva Hurricane XLT2 Sandal

teva womens hurricane xlt2 sandal

McEneaney recommends the Teva Hurricane XLT2 as a go-to, supportive sandal for both women and men.

"This sandal has exceptional traction. It has a nice cushioned EVA footbed that is contoured through the arch to provide support and a nice heel cup for added stability," he explains. "The adjustable straps around the heel, ankle, and forefoot help hold the foot securely in the sandal to prevent excessive motion."

You'll also get extra support and stability with the nylon shank that goes through the midfoot, McEneaney adds.

$51.73 at Amazon
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Chaco Rapid Pro

chaco rapid pro sandal

Another option is the Chaco Rapid Pro, which is also available for both men and women. This one comes equipped with a Vibram outsole, which McEneaney describes as "a very durable rubber material for grip and traction."

"It also features a contoured footbed, nice arch support, heel cup, and adjustable straps around the entire foot," he notes.

$129.95 at Amazon
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Chaco Z/Cloud

chaco womens z/cloud sandal

The Z/Cloud sandal is another (more affordable) option from Chaco. Like the Rapid Pro, it also has a contoured footbed, arch support, heel cup, and adjustable straps. But while the Rapid Pro has slightly more support and traction—making it good for water adventures—the Z/Cloud has a bit more cushion and is ideal for walking around a city or hiking.

"Its ultra-soft cushioned layer on top of the footbed allows the individual to mold into it," McEneaney points out.

$74.75 and up at Amazon
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Keen Newport H2

keen women newport h2 sandal

The Newport H2 from Keen is versatile and functional, taking you from the sidewalks in your neighborhood to the beach to your local hiking trails.

"This sandal was created by a sailor who kept bumping his toes on the boat. It features their 'Keen.Protect Toe Bumper' to add additional protection," McEneaney says.

He adds, "This is a great slip-on style with adjustable straps over the top of the foot. It features exceptional traction along with a contoured footbed with support and structure."

$77.20 and up at Amazon
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Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandal

tory burch miller cloud sandals

For something with style and comfort, Grant suggests checking out the new Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandal.

The flat flip-flop has a dual-density foam insole, a low heel, and the signature Tory Burch logo.

"Got these for my Mother as a gift for Mother's Day. She loved them!! She says: these are so comfy, the quality of the leather is amazing. She loves the cloud foam 'feel' when she wears them! She didn't want to take them off her feet," a recent review of the sandals reads.

$198 at Amazon
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Birkenstock Arizona Sandal

birkenstock arizona sandals

Trevillion recommends the Birkenstock Arizona sandal as another comfy summer style.

"Birkenstock's iconic Arizona sandals are a very popular choice—a go-to for comfort and support," she says. "The soft footbed version features an added layer of foam, providing extra cushioning. The cork and latex footbed conforms to your feet, offering excellent arch support, while the deep heel cup ensures proper alignment."

The typical Arizona sandal is made from Birko-Flor synthetic leather, but the brand also has a waterproof version.

"Birkenstock makes the Arizona in an EVA option, so definitely pool, water, beach, sand-safe, and they come in a lot of colors as well—and they're only $50, which is great," Sondema N. Tarr, DPM, founder of Direct Podiatry Arizona, says in an Aug. 2023 TikTok. "I'm definitely gonna get these eventually once my current pair of pool sandals are done just because, again, these are really cute and they come in so many different colors."

$110 at Birkenstock
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Hoka Ora Luxe

hoka ora luxe

The Hoka Ora Luxe is another option that you can rely on for your pool and beach days.

"This slide has Velcro, so you can adjust it to your foot shape and size," Stephanie Tine, DPM at Flamingo Foot & Ankle, says in an Aug. 2023 TikTok video. "As far as the stability of the sandal goes, though, really nice, stable sandal, but it has a really good cushion and a little arch support too."

As a podiatrist with bunions, however, she warns that the shoes have toe imprints that could get in the way and be uncomfortable for some people.

$80 at Hoka
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Vionic Marvina Sandal

vionic marvina women's orthotic toe-post sandals

Donovan also recommends comfy Vionic sandals, which are backed by clinical research.

"They actually did a 12-week study that showed that patients [who] wore these versus the flat flip-flop actually had decreases in heel pain," Donovan says.

She specifically points to the Marvina Sandal, which has cushioning, arch support, and flexibility.

$79.80 and up at Amazon
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Naot Kayla Sandals

naot kayla sandal

Also on Trevillion's list are the Naot Kayla sandals.

"The anatomic cork and latex footbed are wrapped in soft suede, which molds to the shape of your foot with wear," she says. "These sandals provide excellent arch support, and the adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit. The lightweight design makes them ideal for all-day summer wear."

$139.95 at Amazon
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