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The No. 1 Place to Meet Single & Successful Men, Matchmaker Reveals

Spend Friday night here and you could be one step closer to finding "The One."

There are lots of viable places to meet men, from community events to the gym to online dating websites. But if you're specifically looking for single and successful potential suitors, there's one particular venue you should consider, according to dating coach and matchmaker Nelly Sudri. Keep reading to learn the locale where you may want to consider spending next Friday night, as well as why Sudri's advice is sound.

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These particular bars attract a desirable clientele.

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In a recent TikTok video, Sudri strongly recommends going to bars at high-end hotels (and restaurants) if you're looking to meet single and successful men.

The main reason why high-end hotel bars are goldmines for successful singles, she explains, is that men who are on business trips or having after-work happy hour drinks tend to frequent these kinds of places with friends and colleagues.

"Such places often attract professionals who appreciate and can afford the finer things in life," weighs in Lisa Lawless, PhD, a clinical psychotherapist and founder of Holistic Wisdom. "Many accomplished single men may travel for work or unwind after office hours at upscale hotel bars because of the ambiance of luxury and professionalism."

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Patrons might be more open to meeting people.

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When men go to their favorite local watering hole, they may be more likely to focus on conversing with their buddies. But when you find them at a hotel bar, there's a good chance they're either visiting from out of town—and may not know many people—or are just as eager to meet people are you are.

Not to mention, a quality hotel bar tends to have unobtrusive music that makes it easy to chat, as well as soft, flattering lighting and tasty cocktails.

"These spots can be excellent locations for natural conversations, where individuals are more receptive to making new connections," says Lawless.

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You look more approachable.

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Regardless of whether you're just having drinks or planning on ordering food, Sudri recommends snagging seats at the bar rather than sitting down in a booth or at a high top: "It's a lot easier to approach you if you're at the bar versus if you're at a secluded table."

As Lawless points out, there are no physical barriers at the bar. It's a lot less intimidating for a handsome stranger to make an introduction when you're standing right nearby.

"Someone can easily sit next to you without feeling like they are being too forward as sitting at a table can cause hesitation for fear of interrupting someone," Lawless explains.

"In addition, you're facing the bartender or other patrons, so making eye contact is more natural and less intense," she adds. "Sitting this way also facilitates casual conversations for spontaneous interactions. It sends a subtle yet clear signal that you're open to engaging with others, which can be particularly appealing to potential suitors."

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Consider your outfit.

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Of course, the best style advice when dating is to be true to yourself, which is why Lawless recommends a few considerations when getting dressed to go out to a high-end bar.

"Wear something that makes you feel confident, reflects self-respect, and is comfortable because it affects your body language and approachability," she suggests. "It should also be appropriate for the bar's ambiance, so something sophisticated and polished is ideal. Your outfit should highlight your best features and provide a touch of personality, like a unique accessory."

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You can lean on a wingwoman or two.

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There's no reason why you have to sit alone at the bar if that makes you feel awkward. In fact, Sudri says it's a great idea to bring along a girlfriend or two.

"This can be an excellent tactic," agrees Lawless. "Friends can help initiate conversations, provide emotional support, boost your confidence, make you look more approachable, and make interactions feel natural and less forced."

Not only that, but Lawless notes that there's safety in numbers—using the buddy system can be a protective measure. She also says that friends can offer immediate feedback and guidance on your flirting game—all while keeping things fun.

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