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11 Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands That Will Transform Your Wardrobe

These stylish androgynous clothing brands are putting their labels on clothes instead of people.

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While the concept isn't as new as it may sound (lots of styles have historically been "unisex"), a growing collection of labels have been making a name for themselves by doing away with outdated gender divisions altogether. These gender-neutral clothing brands include everything from casual leisurewear to high-end fashion and, in many cases, focus on environmentally conscious and inclusive business practices. "[They're] throwing out the belief that one can only consider being 'stylish' once they have a certain look, style, shape or size," says Angela Denae, personal stylist at the gender-neutral Angela Denae Style Studio. To learn about the best androgynous brands, keep reading to hear from more stylists and retail experts about their top picks.

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The 11 Best Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands

1. Industry of All Nations

Models wearing neutral-colored clothing from Industry of All Nations
Industry of All Nations

The Los Angeles-based brand Industry of All Nations is focused on sustainability, getting their fibers and dyes from places around the globe where they exist in natural abundance.

Items are featured by clothing type, doing away with any mention of gender, with sizes ranging from P and XS to XL (there are some kids' options, too). Prices range from $35 tanks and $50 tees to $70 shorts and $250 canvas pants.

Sabrina Forscutt, founder and lead stylist at Sabrina Forscutt Styling, is particularly fond of their soft, neutral-hued basics. "From gorgeous alpaca wool sweaters and cardigans to a wide array of colorful cotton tees and tanks, and the perfect cotton jeans, shorts, trousers, and joggers. If I could buy all of their different sweaters in all of their neutral colors I would, but right now my favorite is the Alpaca Cardigan in white and beige."

2. TomboyX

Product shot of TomboyX muscle tank in dinosaur print.

TomboyX was founded in 2013 by Fran Dunaway and her wife Naomi Gonzalez after realizing that an item as simple as boxer briefs for women wasn't easy to come by, according to Forbes. The pair went on to become disruptors of the industry after seeing a need for undergarments that anyone could be proud to wear.

The B Corp-Certified brand now offers affordable, sustainable, and basic underwear, swimwear, athletic wear, and casual apparel. The size-inclusive brand features styles in 3XS to 6X, and their products are made with completely non-toxic fabrics.

Prices are also incredibly reasonable, with bras averaging $32 and joggers averaging $49. And at the time of publication, the site was offering 15 percent off a first order and 25 percent off select prints.

"They're also queer-founded and advocate regularly for equal representation," adds Julie Ramholdconsumer analyst with, "so if you want to support the LGBTQ community, this is a good brand to shop."

3. Wild Fang

Model wearing lemon print clothing from Wildfang

With statements like "Wear YOU, Not Someone Else"and "Don't Let The World Tell You Where To Shop," Portland, Oregon-based clothing label Wild Fang hands the keys to the self-expression kingdom to, well, everyone.

Styles are fun, hip, streetwear-oriented, and inclusive of size as well as gender. The company is also climate neutral-certified as of August 2022.

Ramhold notes that the prices are in line with other high-end brands (button-up tops are $84) but adds that "the sale section has great discounts." And if you can't snag a sale, Ramhold shares that one percent of every order is donated to charitable causes, "so you can feel good about shopping this brand in more ways than one."

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4. Lonely Kids Club

Models wearing graphic tees from Lonely Kids Club, standing in front of a garage door
Lonely Kids Club — Warwick, owner and founder (left) and Claire, designer (right)

The Sydney, Australia-based Lonely Kids Club works to ensure ethical and sustainable production processes. But they also make shopping for clothes as much fun as wearing them, regularly introducing new collections (like a Taylor Swift collaboration!) inspired by anime, memes, and a host of other modern marvels.

"If you're looking for unique pop culture designs, this is a great brand to shop," says Ramhold "Note that the items do ship from Australia, so be prepared for longer shipping times if you're ordering internationally, but the prices are reasonable." This includes $20 totes, $45 tees, and $80 hoodies.

5. OneDNA

Product shot of OneDNA parachute pants in olive green

One DNA is a gender-inclusive brand known for simple basics—especially their parachute pants and skirts.

In addition to parachute trousers in neutrals like white, black, beige, brown, navy blue, and dark green, Forscutt adores their "chunky cable knits in neutrals like white and beige," but adds that her favorite is really the neon green. "They also have fun checkered patterns as well."

The prices are also quite affordable. You can expect t-shirts and tanks to cost about $38 and those famous parachute pants $86. The company regularly donates a share of sales to charity.


Model wearing neutral canvas work pants from IJJI

Forscutt is a fan of gender-neutral denim and canvas brand IJJI. The clothing label, founded in 2016, is defined by a focus on natural fibers, soft colors, and interesting silhouettes. All items are made in California, where the brand's studio is located.

Online, you can shop by clothing type, color, or fabric. Prices are a bit higher, with pants averaging about $200 and wool sweaters $400, though the latter was on sale for $200 at the time of publication.

"If I were styling an outfit for a client, I would pair the canvas work jacket in natural with the denim work pants in true black," shares Forscutt. "I like the mix of textures and tone it provides for the outfit."

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7. Big Bud Press

Cropped product shot of a model wearing the Lucky Essential Turtleneck from Big Bud Press
Big Bud Press

The provocatively-named Big Bud Press is getting all the buzz when it comes to gender-neutral, size-inclusive clothing. The brand's on-trend apparel is as colorful as its hip storefronts in Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago, as well as its bustling online shop.

In addition to fun fashion in sizes from XXS to 6X, the brand is proud of its ethical, local, and sweatshop-free manufacturing practices

Forscutt calls Big Bud "the place for a classic pair of everyday pants." She notes that they come in many styles, including "a bell bottom, a classic trouser with a straight leg cut, and a western style with a front middle seam," and in "a whole rainbow array of colors and bright patterns."

Forscutt also recommends the tops and jackets. "If I was in search of a fun matching set, I would get the Lucky Western Pants in green with the Lucky Essential Turtleneck in green." For an idea of pricing, these items retail for $125 and $70, respectively.

8. Rinat Brodach

Product shot of Rinat Brodach werk shirt.
Rinat Brodach

Among Denae's top choices is Rinat Brodach. The Israeli-born, New York City-based designer was featured on the first season of Making The Cut. In an interview with The Fashion List, Brodach said, "My clothes are for whoever wants to wear them. It there really any need for gender in clothing any more?"

Unlike many gender-neutral clothing labels that focus on streetwear or activewear, Brodach's designs are dramatic and unique, including twisted and padded jackets and deconstructed pieces.

Brodach keeps the spirit of couture alive with a made-to-order collection called Mine!, which is definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum (think $280 sweaters and $400 jackets). But there's also an "Everything $99 or less" section on the brand's shopping site that has great basics.

9. Tanner Fletcher

Model wearing Tanner Fletcher clothing
Tanner Fletcher

Tanner Richie and Fletcher Kasell, the duo behind the Brooklyn-based clothing label Tanner Fletcher, get their inspiration from vintage style. The pair have worked in interiors as well, resulting in a genderless brand that connects home and wardrobe by way of design.

Forscutt calls Tanner Fletcher a go-to for over-the-top, fabulous ready-to-wear. "Playing with adornment pieces such as sequins, bows, feathers, crystals, and tulle, they carry everything from short suits and regular suits to gowns and sequin matching sets, to everyday wearables like sweater vests, button-ups, and trousers." They even have a wedding collection.

And if you happen to be on a budget, "they have an incredible sale selection from past seasons," notes Forscutt. Regular prices range from $170 tees to $600 blouses.

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10. Eckhaus Latta

Product shot of Eckhaus Latta patchwork jeans
Eckhaus Latta

New York City-based fashion label Eckhaus Latta has been the darling of fashion's cool kids since it was founded by Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta in 2011, counting it-girl Chloë Sevigny among its loyal fans.

Sunica Du, designer, artist, and illustrator at Sunica Design, loves the label for its edgy and artistic approach to fashion. "Eckhaus Latta creates clothing that blurs the line between masculine and feminine. The brand has gained a cult following for its unique and thought-provoking collections."

This is another high-end brand, with prices starting in the $300 range.

11. Telfar

Product shot of Telfar puff hoodie in green

Known for fab streetwear collaborations and the wildly popular, always sold-out Shopping Bag that has been dubbed the "Bushwick Birkin," NYC-based Telfar also produces a completely gender-neutral clothing line.

"They have everything from branded sweat sets to knit sweater vests, puffer jackets and pants, oversized jeans, and even athletic wear," Forscutt says.

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