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15 Gag Gifts Perfect for April Fool's Day 2020

Make their April Fool's Day a hilarious one with these genius gag gifts.

Prepare yourselves for pranks: April Fool's Day is just around the corner once again. But this year, instead of just being a passive observer of misguided attempts by companies to be funny online or meekly texting your friend a feeble attempt at a practical joke, you can take your humor to the next level with a well-thought-out present that will have their sides splitting. If you need some ideas, we've put together some of the best gag gifts for April Fool's Day that will keep the laughs rolling in.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

This anonymous potato

stack of potatoes

Getting anything in the physical mail these days is always cause for a little excitement. Why not use the postal service for a little bit of April Fool's Day absurdity by sending your friend a completely random run-of-the-mill potato? Unless they assume they've been signed up for a very minimalistic meal prep delivery service, they'll laugh pretty hard when they open their mailbox.

$10 at Etsy
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This spider scare prank

white hand and spider coming out of box

Arachnophobia can be a very powerful tool for some harmless April Fool's Day fun. Use this prank present to get your friends to scream as a realistic-looking-but-assuredly-fake-and-harmless spider jumps out of the wooden box at their finger.

$3 at Amazon
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This inflatable cat unicorn horn

cat unicorn horn gag gift

What's an April Fool's Day without roping beloved household pets into wearing something ridiculous against their will? This inflatable unicorn horn will fit safely and securely over your feline's forehead, making for great snapshots and plenty of laughs. Bonus points if they actively scowl while you're taking photos!

$8 at Amazon
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This Pickle Rick pool float

pickle pool float gag gift

Why would anybody turn themselves into a giant inflatable pickle that floats around your pool? Anyone who's a fan of Rick & Morty will know, and they'll also appreciate this as a hilarious-yet-useful gag gift that's coming their way just in time for the return of warm weather!

$20 at PoolCandy
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This "Nap Sack" spoof box

nap sack gag gift

While the market is full of some pretty ridiculous honest-to-goodness "nap aiding" devices, this box is actually an empty vessel for cleverly hiding a real gift inside. But that won't stop your giftee from thinking they've just received one of the most ridiculous products on the planet for a few minutes!

$5 at Amazon
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This desktop Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

waving tube guy gag gift

While his larger siblings are busy trying to lure you into a used car sale or teach you some hot new dance moves, a mini version of Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy can now live on your friend's desk to spark joy and laughs whenever he's needed. Let's just see a potted succulent or desk calendar try to bust a move like that!

$8 at Amazon
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This hangover cookbook

hungoevr cookbook gag gift

A good gag gift is always funny, but a great gag gift is funny and useful. This hangover cookbook will elicit chuckles when they open it, but it will actually come in handy for anyone who has had a long night out and wants a little recovery.

$7 at Amazon
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This pizza pouch

young white man holding pizza

Gone are the days of having to leave the house without a backup piece of pizza on hand! This ridiculous lanyard will make the pie obsessive in your life laugh…before they actually consider using this to port around a to-go slice.

$9 at Amazon
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This giant tortilla blanket

young blonde woman in burrito blanket

Do you know anyone who has ever curled up on the couch and said "Boy, do I ever wish I was a burrito"? If so, you can make all of their dreams come true by gifting them this giant tortilla blanket, which is made of super soft and lightweight flannel that's perfect to cozy up under. Guac still costs extra, of course.

$22 at Amazon
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These custom face socks

socks with man's face on them

Putting your foot in your mouth is so 2019: Putting your face on your foot is the next big thing! Your giftee is sure to crack up every time they put on these hilarious socks with their own mug on them.

$24 at Etsy
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These baguette slippers

baguette slippers gag gift

Even though these comfy shoes aren't made from real bread, they're still perfect for loafing around the house in! And before you even ask: yes, they're gluten-free.

$17 and up at Amazon
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This enormous toilet paper roll

large roll of toilet paper

When it comes to essential household items, there's preparedness…And then there is an absurd level of preparedness. After releasing this unintentionally hilarious product to much internet acclaim, the Forever Roll has since become a go-to gag gift that's funny for everyone. Optional roll stand not included!

$9 at Charmin
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This selfie toaster

selfie toaster gag gift
Burnt Impressions

If you know someone who lives by the saying "you are what you eat," you shouldn't pass up the opportunity to gift them this toaster that will print their likeness on every piece of bread they put into it. Simply upload their photo at ordering for a truly customizable breakfast experience or opt for a witty phrase of your choosing. It's the funniest way to start your day!

$75 at Burnt Impressions
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This ice cream pint lock

ice cream lock gag gift

Even the strictest dieter on the planet is only human! Gift the most over-the-top sweet tooth in your life this hilariously handy ice cream restraining device to help them curb that voice telling them to reach for the Ben & Jerry's.

$20 at Amazon
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This Sarcastic 9 Ball fortune teller

9 ball fortune teller april fool's day gift

Magic 8 Balls may have been giving vague advice since the early '80s, but times have changed and today's predictions require a little more cynicism. This Sarcastic 9 Ball will bless its user with wisdom and wit that is dripping with sarcasm. So, should you finally ask for that raise? Ugh, whatever!

$18 at Amazon
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