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Valentine's Day Ideas for 2021 That Are Even More Romantic Than Going Out

You won't even miss your standard date night activities.

As the pandemic continues to unfold, Valentine's Day, like every holiday since it began, won't be quite the same as usual. If you're used to celebrating with your significant other, missing out on the usual festivities and being relegated to the confines of your home might seem like a bummer. However, swapping shouting over the table at an over-crowded restaurant for doing something more intimate at home could actually bring you closer to your partner. So don't give up on Feb. 14 just yet. Read on for nine expert-approved ways to celebrate Valentine's Day in 2021 that are even more romantic than going out. And for some relationship tips you can use any day of the year, check out 40 Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend Every Day.

Cook cuisine from your favorite city.

young couple making dinner together

While making dinner for two at home is not necessarily a novel idea, there are ways to make it fun and fresh.

"Cooking with your partner is something that can be fun, simple, and sexy. Don't worry about an elaborate recipe and don't worry about making a mess—make it fun and use simple ingredients," says Chef Adam Kenworthy, who has a couple of Valentine's Day recipes for duos to try.

If you've been cooking with your partner throughout quarantine, one way to change it up for Valentine's Day is cooking cuisine inspired by your favorite city or a trip you took together.

"Skip the take-out and cook—yes you have to cook—their favorite grub like bouillabaisse, bolognese, or BBQ," suggests relationship expert with eharmony, Laurel House. "Sides and sauces take the meal from a one-time trick to an entrée treat, so don't cut corners. Set the table, turn on appropriate music and make the night like a visit to the actual city." For more recommendations delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Get a psychic reading done together.

Couple looking at laptop together

There's no better time to have a couple's psychic reading done than a Valentine's Day stuck at home. "Tarot card and psychic readings are a great way to find out certain details and timeframes for the future," says psychic, spiritualist, and healer Eva White from "They can tap in deeper and give a better understanding of what you or your partner may want or need in a relationship and give you the best chance at an amazing, deep connection." A reading can make for an intimate activity that could spark your conversation for the rest of the night.

"It can open up communication and detail for you and/or your partner the deep feelings you have for one another that you might have a hard time expressing on your own," says White. As a bonus, this activity could also double as a gift, so you don't have to run out to the store.

Take an online class you're both excited about.

Couple painting together at home

Online classes were all the rage at the beginning of lockdown, but did you ever actually get around to taking one? Set aside some time to select a course or workshop you and your partner are both interested in and take it together on Valentine's Day.

"Learning a new skill together can be a really fun way to get to know each other better," says relationship expert with Plenty of Fish Kate MacLean, "whether it's painting, photography, or yoga." If you both enjoy the class, you could block out time each week to commit to doing that activity together. For more advice to keep your love strong, here's The One Word You're Saying That's Ruining Your Relationship, Experts Say.

Do an at-home photoshoot.

Woman posing for a picture

Taking a good photo of yourself can boost your confidence, so why not have an at-home photoshoot with your partner to help both of you feel extra good in your skin. "Use a cell phone or camera to capture each other in your most silly and/or sexiest poses," suggests Shamyra Howard, LCSW and sex and relationship expert with Lovehoney. "At the end of the shoot, go through the photos and name at least one thing you find sexy about your own and your partner's photos."

Take a hike.

Couple hiking

If you're in warmer weather, head outside for a scenic hike. If you're experiencing winter weather, you can still hit the trails, but make sure to bundle up. While this date is a fun option for a couple at any stage, it's especially great for new couples. "Getting outside for a socially distanced walk or hike may be exactly what you need to take the pressure off this Valentine's Day," says MacLean. For some quotes to put you in the Valentine's Day mood, check out 60 Relationship Quotes to Reignite Your Love.

Create an at-home spa experience.

Couple doing an at-home spa

Everyone can use a bit of relaxation right about now. Recreate a spa experience from the comfort of your home for you and your partner. Howard says, "This works best if planned at the end of the night," as it can be quite sensual. Take turns giving each other massages, take a bath, pop on a face mask, and sip on some spa water, all while listening to some calming music.

Plan a virtual group date.

Couple on laptop together

If your Valentine's Day celebrations are usually a group affair, loop in your favorite couples on Zoom for a joint date. If you want to take it a step further, you can surprise your partner with the virtual date and "secretly arrange a time to have all their favorite people on for a celebration," suggests House. Agree on a themed drink that you can all make and enjoy together while chatting and have some group games ready to play to make the Zoom feel like a party. For more sweet words for your partner, check out 40 Cute Things to Say To Your Boyfriend Every Day.

Have a surprise take-out dinner.

Couple with take-out food

There's never been a better year for a take-out Valentine's Day dinner than 2021. If you're not ready or able to go out to eat yet, you can still support your local businesses from the comfort of your home. "Valentine's Day is all about spending time with your partner. Instead of cooking a time-consuming dinner and having to clean it all up, pick a couple of your favorite restaurants and order a smorgasbord of food to go," suggest the dating experts at One way you can spice up ordering in is to each order from a few of your favorite places and then guess where the other dishes came from.

Create your own home movie theater.

Couple watching TV together

Since the old Valentine's Day standby of dinner and a movie might be a bit of a challenge this year, your next best bet is to recreate the magic at home. "Pick out a new movie that you and your partner have been wanting to see, grab your favorite candy, snacks, and drinks, and press play," say the experts. "The best part of this at-home date is that you don't have to get dressed up—sweatpants and your favorite oversized sweater is the perfect attire." For more on heating up the night, check out The No. 1 Thing Women Do That Others Find Sexy.

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