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Give Your Dad the Best Father's Day Ever With These Great Last-Minute Style Buys

It's not too late!

You know Brooks Brothers for their storied past. They've dressed presidents. They've dressed artists and movie stars. They've even probably dressed you. Their bread and butter—from classic suiting all the way down to everyday casual clothing—is peerless. There's a good reason, after all, why Brooks Brothers can be found in style-savvy wardrobes from sea to shining sea.

But there's one secret about Brooks Brothers you might be sleeping on: their true-to-form summer clothing happens to be just as peerless, too. We're talking breezy fabrics, vivid colors, comfortable cuts—the type of laissez-faire digs you'd bring to the beach or wear by the pool. Don't believe us? Read on, and you'll see it with your own eyes. Here, as chosen by the editors of Best Life, are the most must-have summer style buys from Brooks Brothers.

Slim-Fit Supima Cotton Performance Polo

supima cotton slim fit pale blue polo by brooks brothers

$79.50; buy now at

Heads up, gents: This shirt is about to become your new summer go-to. Made out of Supima cotton (a supremely elevated cotton that's far softer than the fabric you're familiar with), it's extra-breathable, so you'll feel cool even during even summer's worst. It's also cut like a dream—slim through the waist and snug in the arms—for a modern, versatile, effortlessly cool look that will seamlessly fit in with the rest of your wardrobe.

Supima Cotton Half-Zip Sweater

supima cotton half zip sweater from brooks brothers

$108; buy now at

For chilly summer nights (hey, code-compliant campfires aren't exactly large), you'll need a reliable top layer. Throw this ultra-light, ultra-soft half-zip over a tee and you'll be in the sweet spot. Best of all, it's available in a veritable Crayola box of summer-worthy colors—including this super trendy bright blue—so you'll look amazing, too.

Garment-Dyed 10 Inch Bermuda Shorts

brooks brothers shorts, stylish summer buys

$89.50; buy now at

Some old-school style book stalwarts will tell you that wearing shorts in the office is verboten in all circumstances. Well, those guys clearly haven't laid eyes on these well-cut beauties. Not only are they the ideal length and shape, they're also available in 20 (!) fun colors, if you're in the mood to seriously colorize your wardrobe. 

Supima Cotton V-Neck Sweater

fuschia supima cotton crewneck sweater from brooks brothers
Brooks Brothers

$79.50; buy now at

Love 'em or hate 'em, whatever your personal opinion happens to be on summer sweaters, consider reframing your thoughts. Think of it this way: Far better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it. This one is done up in super-soft Supima cotton—a perfect fit for summer evenings and windy cruises.

Original Polo Button-Down Oxford Dress Shirt

blue original polo oxford collar button down from brooks brothers

$140; buy now at

The rare piece of clothing that's just as comfortable in frozen office air conditioning as it is in stuffy public transit, Brooks Brothers' quintessential Oxford cloth button-down is the type of dress shirt that can singlehandedly anchor a professional wardrobe. It's also the type of dress shirt that, by whatever unholy magic, will never, ever randomly come untucked.

Supima Cotton V-Neck Cardigan

green supima cotton v-neck cardigan from brooks brothers

$108; buy now at

There are cardigans, and then there's this cardigan. Made out of Supima cotton (in case you can't tell, we're extremely fond of the stuff) and cut in a trim, modern, runway-worthy fit, it's the type of cardigan that's less "I'm a chemistry professor" and more "chemistry…I have it with everyone."

Red Fleece Stretch Cotton Sport Coat

brooks brothers sport court, stylish summer buys

$198; buy now at

A works-with-everything blue fabric. An off-the-rack tailored feel (and look). Exactly zero lining. Yes, you'd be hard-pressed to find a summer blazer more versatile than this.

Tailored Supima Cotton Pique T-Shirt

brooks brother tailored tee, stylish summer buys

$64; buy now at

For a truly next-level base layer, look no further than this extremely luxurious tee. It fits better, looks sharper, and feels softer than any other tee on the market. Wondering why it's so soft? Hint: It's all in the fabric! (Which is, you guessed it, Supima cotton.)

Red Fleece White Contrast Leather Sneakers

brooks brothers sneakers, stylish summer buys

$98; buy now at

Of all life's small comforts, few beat the feeling of sliding your foot against cool suede on a hot day. (Yes, these shoes are done up in a sumptuous leather, but the interior is all supple suede.) The fact that these look amazing—and can effortlessly work with any outfit—is icing on the cake.

Water-Repellent Field Jacket

brooks brothers water repellent field jacket

$448; buy now at

We know what you're thinking: A jacket for summer?! Get outta here! Just hear us out. Yes, it's always great to layer. Yes, you'll want it for summer thundershowers. But more than that, this jacket is the absolute best travel companion. Looks at all those pockets! Wearing this on a plane is like getting an extra carry-on for free. The fact that it looks this good is just a bonus. And for more amazing vacationing tips, steal these 33 Travel Hacks That Make Summer Vacation a Total Breeze!

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