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10 Best Colorful Spring Buys From Brooks Brothers

America's most storied retailer is here to reenergize your wardrobe.

After months of winter, a man can yearn for a taste of color. It's only natural: seeing (and wearing) the same four shades—dark gray, light gray, medium gray, navy—day after day after day can get boring, fast. Taste the rainbow? No, thanks. Much better to wear the rainbow.

Well, don't look now, but Brooks Brothers—yes, the same one that dresses presidents and lives in every banker's closet—has made strides in the world of color. Flashy polos, bright chinos, and eye-popping vivid accessories are all cornerstones of their recent line. They've even taken their refined-to-perfection tailoring and added that to the rainbow. Don't believe us? See for yourself. If you're looking to update your spring wardrobe, there's no better place to start than the editor-selected picks below.

Ultralight Stretch Bomber Jacket

product photo, brooks brothers bomber

$368; buy now at

Forget about tan suede or brown leather bombers. Spring calls for brighter stuff than that. Case in point: this effortlessly cool nylon bomber. You can pick it up in a vivid electric blue or, if you're really looking to spice things up, a bright, light green (pictured) that can only be described as the sartorial embodiment of the season.

Cotton-Cashmere V-Neck Sweater

product photo, brooks brothers cashmere v-neck

$49.50; buy now at

This beauty is made out of a perfectly balanced blend of cotton and cashmere, so you get the paper-thin construction of summer-weight tee with all warmth and comfort of a cashmere pullover. And, since it comes in six vivid shades—starring the sumptuous rose you see here—it's the type of wardrobe essential that summer sweater aficionados would be wise to buy in bulk.

Stretch Cotton Twill Shorts

product photo, brooks brothers cotton shorts

$54.50; buy now at

Most shorts are either too baggy or too tight—or they're too long or too short. Finding the right pair can feel like finding a needle in a 21-year-old guy's apartment: Good luck. Well, these loud and proud shorts from Brooks Brothers are sure to bring an end to the hunt. With a tasteful 9-inch inseam, they fit just right.

Striped Color-Blocked Ribbed Crew Socks

product photo, brooks brothers color block socks

$16; buy now at

Good style means good style from head to toe—literally. Don't think of socks as just another thing you have to put on each morning. Think of them as an opportunity to level-up your look. Pro tip: bright, bold colors always go over well.

Golden Fleece Rose Plaid Sport Coat

product photo, brooks brothers golden fleece blazer

$1,498; buy now at

The lightweight construction. The laid-back silhouette. The soft, colorful plaid that looks like what you'd get if you turned Beltway cherry blossoms into clothing. Everything about this extremely luxurious sport coat screams spring.

Slim-Fit Garment-Dyed Stretch Chinos

product photo, brooks brothers chino pants

$59.50; buy now at

A colorful update on the most ubiquitous piece of office attire—the khaki chino—this form-flattering option has the added bonus of feeling like a well-worn pair from the minute you put them on.

Canvas Sneakers

product photo, brooks brothers canvas sneakers

$58; buy now at

Put a spring in your step by treating yourself to a breathable, stylish canvas sneaker. This pair is available in the all-American color trifecta: red, white, and blue. (However, if you're looking for something a bit more luxurious, for twenty bucks more, you can score these shoes in a navy suede.)

Slim Fit Tipped Collar Polo Shirt

product photo, brooks brothers polo

$89.50; buy now at

Single-tone neutral polos? Out. Multi-tone polos in bright colors with fun, contrasting collars? In—very in.

Dotted Twill Tie

product photo, brooks brothers dotted twill tie

$49.50; buy now at

Did you hear? After roughly nine millennia, Goldman Sachs relaxed its dress code. The necktie is now "optional." Now that the final bastion of tight corporate dress codes has loosened up—unless you're a president—wearing a tie is a choice. Still, despite the casualized nature of modern work, sometimes you want to wear a tie. Our advice? Instead of sticking with something drab and old-school, use it as a chance to inject some flash into your look.

Linen-Blend Sport Shirt

product photo, brooks brothers linen blend sport shirt

$59.50; buy now at

The great part about a great linen shirt is its limitless versatility. What else works just as well with a suit as it does with jeans, with shorts, or, heck, even with swim trunks? To maximize its potential, follow this simple tip: Tuck it in to whatever you're wearing on bottom, roll the sleeves to the elbow, and, suddenly, you're rocking a Ryan-Gosling-off-duty-at-Cannes vibe.

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