10 Pre-Marriage Solidifiers All Savvy Couples Agree On

Everything you both should address—and agree on—before taking the plunge.

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    What You Will Do When Things Get Tough

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    How Important Children Are

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    Where You Want to Live

    "Something that often gets glossed over beforehand that comes back later in the marriage is location," notes Josh Jones, a Manhattan-based psychotherapist and Associate Director at The Village Institute for Psychotherapy. "Where we live is important. It's where we wake up every day. If you love where you live and never want to leave, or think you'd move one day if the perfect job came along, it's a good idea to make that known," he says. After all, you both want to feel like you know what you're in for.

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    The Definition of Cheating

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    Your Sexual Expectations

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    How Independent You Both Want to Be

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    That Change Is Inevitable

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    The Things You Disagree On

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    Core Values. (Duh.)

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