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George Clooney Hand-Picked This Lookalike Actor to Play His Young Self

"He's better looking than me," Clooney said of this 34-year-old Hollywood acting legacy.

De-aging technology is one of the latest developments in film—and one of the spookiest. If a character needs to be shown at different points in their life, the actor playing them can be digitally altered to look young again. You might have seen it with Robert De Niro in The Irishman and with Will Smith in Gemini Man. But, for George Clooney's new movie, The Midnight Sky, the actor and director decided to go the old-fashioned route and hire someone to play the young version of his character. And the 59-year-old star had a pretty straightforward way of making his decision. Read on to see who it is, and for more actual young Clooney, You Have to See This Incredible, Totally '80s George Clooney Photoshoot.

Clooney stars in and directs the upcoming Netflix movie, based on the novel Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton. It follows a scientist (Clooney) who survives a global catastrophe and must reach an astronaut (Felicity Jones) to let her know what has happened. In the narrative, the movie flashes back to a young version of Clooney's character.

As Clooney explained in a new interview with Deadline, he talked to Netflix about using de-aging technology for The Midnight Sky, but decided against using it because he thought it would "become a topic then that people will talk about." The Irishman hadn't be released yet when he made this decision. "I didn't know how people would react to it at the time," he said.

So, Clooney decided to cast Ethan Peck as his younger self. The 34-year-old actor is the grandson of film legend Gregory Peck, and is currently best known for playing a younger version of Spock on CBS All Access' Star Trek: Discovery.

george clooney in midnight sky, with ethan peck playing young version
Netflix and Markus Wissmann / Shutterstock

"It's tricky because people know basically what I looked like when I was 35 years old," Clooney explained. "But Ethan… we both have good eyebrows. So he's better looking than me and if I'm going to cast somebody why not f****** cast somebody who's better looking than me."

Clooney went on to explain that technology was used in The Midnight Sky to make Peck's voice sound more like his. "I said to him, 'Look, my voice is pretty recognizable. So we're going to have to work together, you and I, and we're going to work with… sound,'" Clooney recalled. "'We're going to work with everybody on blending your voice with mine.' It's a hybrid."

Of course, there have been countless actors who have shared their role with younger stars on screen, no special technology needed. Here are some more perfectly cast younger versions of your favorite A-listers. And for more on Clooney today, check out George Clooney Says He Doesn't Really Want to Act Anymore.

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