If You’re Over the Age of 30 You Won’t Know What These Words Mean

You think Millennials are hard to understand? Try talking to Generation Z.

If You’re Over the Age of 30 You Won’t Know What These Words Mean

Younger generations are always coming up with new terms. But today, thanks to the Internet and social media, the speed with which new words and phrases are appearing is downright dizzying. So we rounded up some of the most popular terms that even the edgiest of Millennials might not fully understand. So read on—and feel free to drop any of these on Snapchat whenever you like. And for a nostalgic trip through the world of outdated slang, check out 100 Slang Terms From the 20th Century No One Uses Anymore.

slang people over 30 won't get


No, not the hot beverage you drink with your grandma. Tea in slang terms means “gossip.” So when someone tells you some tea, it means you’ve got the dirt on them. And for more great trivia, don’t miss the 50 Awesome Facts About Everything.

slang people over 30 won't get 30


Yes, this is a reference to the famous Canadian actor/rapper. It’s used to describe someone who is overly emotional—or who mopes—and is likely listening to an emotional song at the same time. For instance, if you’re feeling all Drake right now, be sure to read the 70 genius tricks to get instantly happy.

sorry is something women over 40 should stop saying


This is another word for a backhanded compliment. So when someone is unsults you, they gave you a compliment that’s actually a complete insult. So beware of unsults. That said, there’s no need to beware of actual compliments, like the 20 Compliments Men Can’t Resist.

slang people over 30 won't get


Pronounced exactly how it’s spelled, this is a word you would use in place of a certain benign expletive when you really want to exaggerate how amazing something is.

words people over 30 won't get

Hundo P

This one may seem strange at first glance, but it breaks down like this: “One hundred percent.” The term is used when someone approves of or agrees with something.

words people over 30 won't get


Originally, this term was used in the ’90s to describe being scared of someone. Now, to be shook means to be overwhelmingly impressed by something. And for more on cutting-edge lingo, here are the 20 New Words Introduced in 2017.

words people over 30 won't get


Yeet is actually a type of new dance that became famous through Vine. Although the trend originally started in 2014, it didn’t become big until a kid named Lil Meatball went viral doing it. The term has now even evolved into a word for expressing excitement, particularly when someone shoots a three-pointer in basketball and they know it’s going in.

words people over 30 won't get


To be woke is to be politically aware, to know what’s really going on in the culture at-large. The term specifically refers to those who possess a robust and informed knowledge of racial and social injustices.

words people over 30 won't get


Younger people these days love using the letter “V” in place of “very.”

slang people over 30 won't get


This term refers to someone who is in need of help. So if someone says they need some milk, they may not mean a certain calcium-loaded creamy white beverage.

words people over 30 won't get


Younger generations these days use “dead” to describe feeling really excited about something. Example: “Your dress is so amazing I’m dead.”

80s slang no one uses


It’s describes someone who’s not just cool, but who also has plenty of power and influence—and probably tons and tons of Instagram followers. And if that makes you jealous, don’t worry: Here are 20 Ways to Make Your Instagram Way More Compelling.

words people over 30 won't get


The slang term for receipts is shorthand for “evidence of something.” Typically, this evidence comes in the form of screenshots of texts. Example: “Johnny texted you that he loves you? Show me some receipts ASAP.”

words people over 30 won't get


When someone is acting all “extra,” it means they’re behaving in an over-the-top manner. It could also mean someone is trying really, really hard.

slang people over 30 won't get


In the age of social media, it’s no wonder this term was invented. Putting the letter “F” in front of Instagram means that it’s a fake or secret account.

words that people over 30 won't get


This is an adjective that is used to describe someone that’s angry or has an attitude.

slang people over 30 won't get

Glow up

This means that someone has revamped themselves—and their look—from the bottom up.

words people over 30 won't get

High Key

Do you know the term “low key?” Meet the opposite. When something is high key, it’s 100 percent (or, if you’ll recall, hundo p) true and you’re fully committed to that opinion.

words people over 30 won't get


This is a mashing together of “mobile” and “upload.” Example: “You’re on vacation? Mupload me some snaps.”

words that people over 30 won't get


Being thirsty means you desperately need something, and it’s typically used to refer to sex or affection from a specific individual.

words that people over 30 won't get


Here we have, once again, a shortened word. This one takes just the first three letters of it’s origin word, “suspect.” It’s typically used online to refer to something that’s sketchy, shady, or suspicious.

words that people over 30 won't get


This term goes hand in hand with lit. When something is fire, it means it’s awesome, great! But beware: When using it, don’t say something is “on” fire; you simply say it’s “fire,” as if fire is an adjective and not a noun.

words people over 30 won't get


Here we have another noun acting as an adjective. When someone has the sauce, they are incredibly confident, stylish, and attractive. It’s used a lot of times to describe someone as being well dressed.

words that people over 30 won't get


This is used the same way bounce was used a few decades ago. To skrrt is to bounce—to leave—out of a place. It comes from the sound a car might make when leaving quickly.

words that people over 30 won't get


One of the most common and overly used words on this list is bae. Although some might know it, others might not hear it as often. A bae is someone’s significant other. What isn’t necessarily common knowledge is that bae is technically an acronym: before anyone else. Like FOMO, bae is used so often that it became a word of its own.

words that people over 30 won't get


This stems from relationship. However, ship is used when speaking about a fictional couple or desired romances. You can even call someone a shipper, meaning they’re a fan boy or girl of a particular fictional pairing.

words that people over 30 won't get


To smash is to have sex. By using the term, it usually implies that the sex is good.

words that people over 30 won't get


Here we have another set of words being pushed together: true and real. Although it’s a bit redundant, since they pretty much mean the same thing, it’s apparently what the cool kids are saying these days.

words that people over 30 won't get


One of the few terms that actually might sound familiar to those born before 1990, cheesin‘ is when someone unabashedly—and without irony—smiles for pictures.

words people over 30 won't get


This is sort of like thick, but is used to describe a female figure that is slim but still voluptuous. It’s definitely not an insult, but a major compliment. Think Kim Kardashian West. And for more head-turning A-listers and their enviable physiques, learn What Celebs With Perfect Bodies Do Every Day.

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