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See the Shirtless Photo Will Smith Is Calling "The Worst Shape of My Life"

The actor got candid about the current state of his body on social media.

Will Smith has continued to keep us entertained both on and off the screen for decades. In between filming new projects, the star takes to social media to share hilarious videos of him dancing, recreating viral TikToks, and making his own original content. Recently the 52-year-old actor took to Instagram to bare it all in a candid post about his body alongside a shirtless pic. The actor shared a photo declaring that it depicted him in "the worst shape of [his] life." Read on to see what Smith is calling his physical low point, and for more celebrities being open about their bodies, Jonah Hill Gets Real About Body Shaming After Tabloid Prints Beach Photos.

Will Smith shared a shirtless photo of himself in "the worst shape of [his] life."

Will Smith Instagram post

On May 2, Smith posted a photo of himself in tiny shorts, a zip-up hoodie, and slippers, with no shirt on. The photo of Smith letting it all hang out was paired with a surprisingly honest caption. "I'm gonna be real wit yall," Smith wrote. "I'm in the worst shape of my life." And if you're a Smith fan, discover The Worst Will Smith Movie of All Time, According to Critics.

The star's famous friends commented on the picture.

Will Smith at the London preimere of 'Aladdin' in 2019
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Smith's post garnered over 63,000 comments in under 12 hours, a handful of which were from the actor's fellow celebrity pals. Musician Questlove commented, "This is the most amazing post in the history of social media." Smith's former The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air co-star Nia Long sent over some encouragement writing, "you still got it baby!!!" Director Ava DuVernay sweetly said, "I see no 'worst' here." And for more honest celebrity moments, 89-Year-Old Rita Moreno Reveals Her Secret to Having Great Sex.

Smith has worked hard to get in shape for roles in the past.

Will Smith I am Legend
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Throughout Smith's career, he's had to get in exceptional physical shape for various roles, from his iconic workout scene in I Am Legend to his embodiment of the titular boxer in Ali. During a 2016 interview ahead of his movie Suicide Squad, he told Men's Journal his workout routine was so rigorous that he injured himself early on.

Smith's personal trainer, Aaron Ferguson, told Men's Journal that the actor was taking in at least 3,500 calories a day to gain mass. The pair had a very specific five-days-a-week regimen. Ferguson said the goal was "trying to build up the shoulders and slim down the waist to give that real action-figure look, which I think we accomplished." And for more celebrity news delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Celebrities have been more open about their bodies on social media.

Jonah Hill at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2019
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Being in the public eye all the time has its drawbacks, but also provides a platform. On Feb. 26, actor and director Jonah Hill took to Instagram to slam the Daily Mail for the tone of their article about him taking his shirt off at the beach. "I don't think I ever took my shirt off in a pool until I was in my mid-30s, even in front of family and friends. Probably would have happened sooner if my childhood insecurities weren't exacerbated by years of public mockery about my body by press and interviewers," he wrote. "I'm 37 and finally love and accept myself."

More recently, Khloé Kardashian spoke out on Instagram about how media scrutiny has played a role in her body image after an un-retouched photo of her was posted by accident. "The photo that was posted this week was beautiful," she said in a statement on Instagram. "But as someone who has struggled with body image her whole life, when someone takes a photo of you that isn't flattering in bad lighting or doesn't capture your body the way it is after working so hard to get it to this point—and then shares it to the world—you should have every right to ask for it not to be shared—no matter who you are." And for more on the stars you know and love, A Disney World Employee Is Rating Celebrities Based on How Rude They Are.

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