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Whoopi Goldberg, 68, Reveals One of the Last Men She Dated Was 40 Years Older

"Age is not what's going to get me into your arms," the actor said on The View.

Whoopi Goldberg isn't one for marriage at this point in her life: "I don't want somebody in my house," she once famously said. But over the years, she's dropped intriguing details about her personal life, and now at 68, she's still making headlines. On the March 7 episode of The View, Goldberg revealed that one of the last men she dated was 40 years her senior—and claimed that the 108-year-old is still alive.

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Goldberg's revelation followed a panel discussion of the new film The Idea of You, a May-December romance starring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine.

"The trailer just dropped for Anne Hathaway's new movie The Idea of You, [where] she plays a mom in her 40s in a relationship with a famous musician in his 20s," Goldberg explained. "Apparently, the internet is divided on it. Some call the age gap disgusting, while others say they're here for it."

Goldberg pointed out that this dynamic is "not new," naming several female celebrities—like CherDemi Moore, and author Terry McMillan—who have all dated younger men. Fellow panelist Joy Behar also pointed out that there's a "notion that women should stay within their own age bracket." However, Behar doesn't subscribe to this, as her husband is actually seven years younger than her.

The panelists referenced the double standard of male actors dating much younger women and having children significantly later in life. Sara Haines pointed to Al Pacino, who had a baby with his 29-year-old girlfriend Noor Alfallah last year when he was 83. Behar also called out Robert De Niro, who had a baby with his girlfriend Tiffany Chen, 45, when he was 79.

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Haines went on to acknowledge that she, Behar, and Sunny Hostin, are all married to men who are younger than them. But for her part, Goldberg said she's run the gamut with age ranges.

"I've gone up and down. I go from here to here, because your age is not what's going to get me into your arms. It's not your age that I'm concerned about—unless you're under 18, in which case I can't," Goldberg said.

While the panel discussed which gaps are acceptable, Goldberg chimed in to add, "One of the last relationships I had, he was 40 years older than me."

Behar then asked, "Is he still alive?" Goldberg responded by nodding and offering an "mhmm" before the talk show cut to commercial, Entertainment Weekly reported. As Goldberg is 68, the ex in question would now be close to 108 years old.

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Goldberg didn't offer up a name or any more details, but her granddaughter, Amara Skye, did talk about the actor's dating history in 2022, Business Insider reported. While on an episode of Claim to Fame, Skye said her grandmother dated "some old white man named John" in the 90s—and said he was a "billionaire" who was around 90 years old at the time.

Goldberg, who has been married three times, has been private about her dating life recently, per Business Insider.

However, during a 2021 episode of The View, Goldberg admitted that she'd stopped dating "younger folks" in recent years.

"You have to know when you're going younger, there's a lot of information that you have to impart," Goldberg said. "And sometimes it's tiring. But then there's the other way where you're like, 'Yeah, you're younger, but you look good! Yeah, you're all right.' So you never know."

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