Gwen Stefani Shares Blake Shelton Marriage Update Amid Divorce Rumors

The singer subtly slammed reports that her relationship is in trouble.

Amid rumors that their marriage has hit a rough patch, Gwen Stefani has shared an update on her relationship with Blake Shelton in a new Instagram post. In early January, Life & Style reported that a source told them, "Gwen and Blake's marriage is definitely in trouble. Lately, they've been at odds about everything from career decisions and the parenting of her three boys to where they spend most of their time. The tension continues to grow, and Blake and Gwen are drifting apart as a result." (While Shelton and Stefani do not have children together, she has three kids from her previous marriage to musician Gavin Rossdale.)

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The Life & Style source also claimed that Stefani and Shelton have "been fighting," that she is "hurt" that Shelton does not support her projects on social media, that their separate New Year's Eve plans were a pain point, and that Shelton stated publicly that he plans to cut back on drinking to "appease" Stefani, because she "doesn't really like him boozing." The source added, "Gwen and Blake are leading separate lives. It's very sad, but the writing seems to be on the wall for their marriage." Best Life previously reached out to Shelton and Stefani for comment on the report.

While neither star has directly refuted these claims, Stefani's Instagram post was interpreted by many as a denial that they're experiencing anything but wedded bliss.

On Monday, Jan. 29, the No Doubt singer posted a photo of a small Polaroid next to a small bouquet of irises on a marble surface. The Polaroid is of Stefani and Shelton hugging each other and smiling. Written on the bottom in what may be Stefani's handwriting is the phrase "never knew a love like this" and a heart. She captioned the Instagram with a purple flower emoji and a white heart emoji. Stefani also shared the post on her Instagram Story, and Shelton re-posted it to his Story, as well.

Stefani received supportive comments from fans on the post, many of whom referenced the marriage rumors. "So glad you've posted this so people can shut up about the dire circumstances of your marriage!" wrote one commenter. Another said, "Please please would people stop with the nonsense gossip!" Someone else added, "So sad people can't just let people be … why not cheer for love instead of hoping for sadness and drama." Another fan wrote, "Thanks for posting! I'm so sick of reading that things aren't good!!" One follower commented simply, "MR & MRS SHELTON FOR LIFE!!!"

Meanwhile, some fans believe that the post is teasing another musical collaboration between the spouses. They have already released a few duets together, including "You Make It Feel Like Christmas" and " Nobody But You." One fan wrote, "New single? A duet with Blake?!?" on the photo. Another posted, "PLEASE. We need the announcement, Gwen!"

The Voice stars haven't made any public comments indicating that they are not getting along, and Stefani explained that they were both offered New Year's Eve performances in different locations, hence them not being together on that holiday. More recently, she opened up about something that she and Shelton are doing together: planning their Super Bowl snacks. Stefani is set to perform as part of a Super Bowl pre-show on Feb. 11. She told People this week that she and her husband are "already discussing the food." She added, "It's really about that and the drinks and how are we going to indulge?" She added, "For us, it's all about how do you make it the most saturated Super Bowl food? Iconic Super Bowl food? Because [Blake] was like, 'Oh, should we do this?' And I'm like, 'No, that's not Super Bowl.' You have to do it right!"

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