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3 Effective Flirting Techniques Using Just Your Body Language, Dating Coach Says

Send the right message with these flirty moves.

Sure, a smooth pick-up line can have you blushing instantly, but that's not the only way to flirt. Your nonverbal cues are oftentimes just as important. That's why relationship and dating coach Jacob Lucas recently shared his top three ways to flirt using just your body language. His advice, geared specifically toward flirting with a man, is sure to up your game. Read on to learn how he says you can almost always keep their attention on you.

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Put a hand on his knee.

Woman flirting and touching man's knee while they drink wine together in a garden.
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According to Lucas' TikTok video, the first thing you should do to flirt with body language is casually put a hand on a man's knee while you're talking. Ideally, this will happen when you've already started the conversation, so "it's very casual and comes under the radar," explains Lucas.

He advises holding your hand there for about three seconds and then taking it off and going back to the conversation like normal. "It breaks the touch barrier and will definitely get him hot under the collar," Lucas adds.

Tilt your head.

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Next, Lucas says when you're talking you should tilt your head to expose your neck. "It's an evolutionary thing that shows we are comfortable around people," he explains.

Showing your neck also means you're interested in what the other person has to say. Pair it with a smirk and the right amount of eye contact, and you've got a foolproof way to get that person wanting more from you.

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Touch his clothes.

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Compliments can go a long way when flirting, but if you want to add that little something extra, think about incorporating some light touches. Lucas says rather than just commenting on his clothes, consider breaking the touch barrier by feeling them at the same time.

But before doing this (or any physical touching!), be sure you've established how comfortable the other person is.

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Body language can also reveal if someone is attracted to you.

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In addition to helping with flirting, body language can also reveal if someone is attracted to you. In a separate TikTok video, Lucas reveals three things people do when they find you attractive.

First is the eye pop, where someone's eyes naturally widen to get a better look at you, Lucas explains. He also points out lip biting as a tell-tale sign of attraction. "It's a physical way of suppressing their internal feelings of desire," the text on his video reads. Lastly, is the surrogate touch, where someone touches other items as a way to project their "flirtatious feelings."

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