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20 Amazing Second Uses for Old Plastic Water Bottles

A bird feeder, a sprinkler, or a piggy bank—the choice is yours!

In many households, the majority of the recycling bin is occupied by old, empty water bottles. But did you know that instead of recycling these plastic bottles, you can actually repurpose them in your garden, around the house, and even during the holidays? Keep reading to discover some of the smartest second uses for your old water bottles.

Bird Feeder

A Water Bottle Bird Feeder Reuse Disposable Items

Want to give your water bottle a second life and beautify your garden at the same time? Then turn your old plastic bottle into a bird feeder! Simply cut a hole into the side of your bottle and fill it with seed (as pictured here).

Or, if you want to take things one step further, you can stick two spoons through your bottle and create little feeding posts, just like blogger Manuela Waliczek-Raczka demonstrates here.


Water Bottle Vase Water Bottle Second Uses

With a little bit of creativity, water bottles make the perfect vessels for flowers and bouquets. Even if you have to spend a few extra dollars on paint and crafting supplies, your DIY water bottle vase is still a far cheaper (and more eco-friendly) option than any receptacle you'd find at the store.

Toy Car

Water Bottle Toy Car Water Bottle Second Uses

Instead of wasting money at the store on a toy your kid is going to tire of in a few days, try your hand at turning an old water bottle into a fully functioning toy car. It's an easy and fun project that not only saves money, but can also serve as a fun bonding experience. Check out this YouTube video from SemiHigh Production to learn how to create your very own plastic car toy.

Christmas Bells

DIY Christmas Bell Water Bottle Second Uses

Between presents, decorations, and traveling to see family, the holidays can get pretty expensive. Luckily, there are several different ways to upcycle water bottles into cute and cost-effective Christmas decorations. Case in point: these DIY Christmas bells made out of the top halves of water bottles.

Christmas Ornaments

DIY Handmade Christmas Ornaments Water Bottle Second Uses

Christmas ornaments made out of upcycled water bottles are inexpensive, they look just as good as the store-bought ones, and, when it comes time to store them, they're much less likely to break than their glass or porcelain counterparts. Truly, there's no reason why you shouldn't decorate your tree with DIY plastic ornaments.

Spaghetti Holder (or Measurer)

Store Spaghetti in a Water Bottle

An empty water bottle makes a great storage container for spaghetti. Or, if you have trouble eyeballing how much spaghetti comprises a serving size, you can also use the bottle to properly measure out a portion. According to Lifehacker, the number of noodles you can fit into the open part of the bottle is just about one serving. Basically, an old water bottle is just full of new uses when it comes to noodles.

Shoe Storage

DIY Shoe Storage Water Bottle Second Uses

No shoe storage? No problem! Simply hold on to your bigger plastic water containers and once you have eight or 12 saved up, you can use them as separate shoe compartments. All you have to do is cut off the tops of each container, glue them together, and voilà: You have storage!


water bottle broom

Oddly enough, you can actually turn your old water bottles into fully functioning brooms with a little bit of work. If you want to work on tidying up around the house without depleting your savings, this is a great way to kill two birds with one stone (or bottle, rather). Check out this YouTube tutorial from Show Maker to learn how to make your very own DIY plastic bottle broom.

Pencil Holder

DIY Pencil holder Water Bottle Second Uses

Give your office space a little extra pizazz with a homemade, handcrafted plastic pencil holder. The only requirement for this art project is that you use the bottom half of an old water bottle as a base; the rest is entirely up to you.


DIY Sprinkler Water Bottle Second Uses

It's surprisingly easy to transform a water bottle (or whatever plastic bottle you have on hand) into a DIY sprinkler. All you need in addition to your empty bottle is electric tape and a screwdriver, and you can create a fully functioning sprinkler in as little as five minutes.

Doy Toy

DIY Dog Toy Water Bottle Second Uses

Dog toys are expensive—and they're hardly worth their price tags, seeing as most pups will destroy them within 24 hours. However, your pet still deserves something to play with—and that's where old water bottles come in.

Surprisingly, dogs love playing with empty plastic bottles, and so long as you remove the cap and don't leave your pup unsupervised while they play, the American Kennel Club (AKC) notes that these can be inexpensive alternatives to the costly toys on the market. (You'll want to make sure your dog doesn't ingest any part of the bottle.)

Insect Trap

water bottle diy insect trap water bottle second uses

Whether you're dealing with a wasp infestation or a bad case of fruit flies, a DIY insect trap is the answer. Though the specifics differ depending on the insect, the gist of the trap is always the same: It involves an old water bottle and some sort of alluring liquid.

Piggy Bank

DIY Piggy Bank Water Bottle Second Uses

Teach your children the value of a dollar by giving them their own piggy banks. And instead of spending your funds on a porcelain pig, spend the afternoon with your kids crafting cute little piggy banks from old water bottles. This will instill in them the value of upcycling and saving money, while also giving you a chance to bond with them while you craft.

Knife Rack

DIY Knife Rack Water Bottle Second Uses

Give your knives a designated resting place with this DIY water bottle knife holder. All you have to do is fill the bottom two-thirds of an empty bottle with bird seeds or dry beans and your knives will have a perfectly safe place to stay when they're not in use.


DIY Plastic Pinwheel

Pinwheels are both a fun toy for kids and a great garden accessory. (And given how easy it is to turn a water bottle into a pretty pinwheel, you might as well just make multiple to use in both settings.)

Succulent Holder

DIY succulent holder Water Bottle Second Uses

Though succulents themselves are relatively inexpensive, the planters that house them can cost a pretty penny. Thankfully, it's easy to turn an old water bottle into a succulent holder. Simply decorate the bottom half however you please, fill it with dirt, and you'll have the perfect little planter in no time.

Plastic Flowers

DIY handmade plastic flowers water bottle second uses

Succulents are easy to take care of, but you know what's even easier to tend to? Plastic flowers! With these rainbow-petaled beauties lining your windows, you won't ever have to worry about watering plants again. Hallelujah!

Hanging Sculpture

DIY Hanging Sculpture Water Bottle Second Uses

Give any room in your house a splash of color and charm with a hanging piece of art crafted from old water bottles. It's fun, it's unique, and best of all, you can use whatever shades of paint your heart desires to decorate your swirly sculpture.

Dog Sculpture

DIY Dog Sculpture in a Garden

Want to add some doggone adorable decor to your garden? Then look no further than this terruffic DIY dog sculpture. All you need to make one for your own garden is a few empty water bottles, some hot glue, and some paint. (And for a more intricate dog design, check out this YouTube how-to from Art and Craft.)

Outdoor Lights

DIY outdoor light made out of a water bottle

Light up your life—or your backyard, at least—with some DIY hanging lights made out of old water bottles. Want something a little more funky? Check out this tutorial from Arnee Arts & Creations on how to turn plastic bottles into lantern-like hanging lamps. And for more genius repurposing ideas, don't miss these 33 Brilliant Second Uses for Cleaning Products You've Never Tried Before.

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