Sleep Expert Reveals How to Instantly Warm Your Bed This Winter

You can make your sleeping environment cozier in just one minute.

We all have specific sleeping preferences. Some of us need white noise to fall asleep, while others can only drift off when the room is totally silent. Yet most of us can at least agree on one thing—we want to be cozy and comfortable when it comes time to rest. But this can be hard to do in the winter, as lower temperatures may make our sleeping environments feel too cold to enjoy. To help reverse this, one sleep expert has revealed their best secret to instantly warm your bed this winter.

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Many people say they have trouble sleeping during the winter.

Sleep Deprivation

Cold days and long nights can have a serious impact on your sleep schedule. In fact, a recent survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Mattress Firm revealed that six out of 10 people in the U.S. find it harder to sleep during the winter than any other season—which may have something to do with how the end of daylight savings time affects our sleep cycle.

"It's truly remarkable how keenly attuned we are to the impact of circadian rhythm disruptions, particularly when they stem from the change in seasons and length of daylight," Jade Wu, sleep advisor at Mattress Firm in North Carolina, said in a statement.

Those involved in the survey believe that this negatively impacts our ability to get a good night of rest, with 48 percent of respondents saying they don't sleep as long as they should during the winter and another 48 percent reporting more tossing and turning during this time of the year.

"Winter often comes with a gloomy feeling because it's a prolonged lull in daytime activity levels, which can also make your nights less restful," Wu added.

But one sleep expert is sharing her advice on how to help make for a better sleeping environment in the winter.

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Making your bed warmer beforehand may help you.

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One reason people may find it harder to sleep in the winter is because they "dread having to jump into bed to freezing cold sheets after a long day of work," Ashley Hainsworth, a sleep expert and spokesperson for Bed Kingdom, tells Best Life. If this is something you're experiencing, Hainsworth has a secret for making your bed feel instantly warmer with a tool most of us likely already have in our own homes.

"It may be worth spending one minute heating your sheets with a blow dryer, and this problem will quickly go away," she suggests.

But it's also important to utilize this hack safely.

Hair Dryer

While making your sheets feel cozier at no cost can certainly help you sleep better, Hainsworth warns that this could be harmful if not done safely.

"Remember to keep [the blow dryer] at least six inches away from the fabric for safety precautions," she advises. "But doing this quick, simple exercise will keep your bed warm and toasty, perfect for a cold winter's evening."

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There are other tips you can try to fight the cold.

Traditional woven rug in beautiful blue tone bedroom.

If blow-drying your sheets to make them warmer only feels like a temporary fix, it may be because you need to invest in better bedding.

"If you're looking for the warmest option, look no further than flannel sheets," Hainsworth says. "Due to excellent insulation, thickness, and breathable fabrics, these sheets will allow you to enjoy a warm evening in bed while the cold weather rages outside."

You should also take a second to consider your bedroom floors, as "around 10 percent of heat loss in a home occurs through the floors," Hainsworth explains. Your risk of losing heat is even higher when you have wooden or laminate floors—which is why she recommends investing in rugs.

"Rugs can be an incredibly effective addition to any bedroom, serving as an attractive, cozy piece of decor that insulates your floor and creates a more comfortable environment," Hainsworth says. "Thanks to their great insulation properties and density, wool rugs are perfect for helping foster warmth in your bedroom, slowing the transfer of heat into your flooring to help maintain a warmer interior."

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