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The 10 Best Button-Down Shirts You Need to Wear Untucked

Plus: the essential rules for pulling off the relaxed look.

In the world of fashion, most trends begin on the East Coast and drift westward. But recently, trendsetting in men's style has been bucking the axis of the earth. Right now, the LA-borne, studied, laid-back "dude" look has taken over everywhere—including and especially the eastern seaboard. Need examples? How about the rise of premium denim, the onslaught of motocross jackets, the insanely expensive t-shirt, the perfectly imperfect haircut, the desire to let our stubble shine, and—of course—the penchant for "athleisure." And now, it's time to add yet another feature to this list: the untucked shirt.

As for pulling the untucked shirt off, you'll be relieved to learn that this trend follows most of the rules you already know. First and foremost is the golden rule: fit is key. Make sure the cut is fitted through the body, with tapered arms, and that the hem is shorter than a standard button-down (it should sit no lower than 5 inches below your waist). Put on a baggy, overlong option and you've treaded deep into faux pas. Finally, concerning colors and patterns, the only judge there is personal preference; as the 10 options below prove, the untucked look works in practically every fabric. But if none of these pique your interest, you might just like things tucked in, so be sure to check out the 20 sharpest dress shirts on the market.

Carhart Oakman Sandstone Twill Workshirt

carhart untucked shirt

From $30; buy now at

Carhart's fabrics are practically indestructible. As a bonus, this number comes with dual buttoned chest pockets.

Royal Robbins Desert Pucker Shirt

royal robbins untucked shirt

From $15; buy now at

If you're heading outside to bask in the sun, this is the shirt for you: It offers a UBF of 50+. And better yet, the pre-washed look is exceptionally stylish. While you're at it, be sure to check out our curated selection of summer menswear essentials.

Thaddeus Grant Washed Cotton Shirt

thaddeus grant untucked shirt

$30; buy now at

Everyone needs a chambray shirt in your closet. Pairs with just about anything—especially a nice, slim-cut suit.

Ben Sherman Core Gingham Shirt

ben sherman untucked shirt

From $60; buy now at

Gingham continues to rule in all settings. This preppy number is our top choice for going untucked, as the button-down collar adds just the right amount of formality.

Thaddeus Frank Shirt with Cutaway Collar

thaddeus frank untucked shirt

$70; buy now at

Bold plaids are all the rage right now. Need proof? Just look the vivacious coloring on this shirt—you'll be turning heads left and right all summer long.

Cutter & Buck Epic Easy Care Gingham Shirt

cutter and buck untucked shirt

From $38; buy now at

A subtle gingham, built-in wrinkle resistance, complete with a double back pleat for comfort? This, gentleman, is what you want lining your closet.

Royal Robins Mojave Plaid Shirt

royal robbins untucked shirt

From $33; buy now at

Short-sleeve button-downs spent years in style prison. But, as this exceptionally soft—you'd have to feel the fabric to believe it—option from Royal Robbins proves, they're back in business.

BOSS Orange Dobby Shirt

boss untucked shirt

$74; buy now at

The 100 percent cotton make-up is a cool detail. The straight hem is a cooler detail. The contrasting stitching is the coolest detail.

DONGYSLP Linen Shirt

dongyslp untucked shirt

$34; buy now at

When summer turns the heat up to 11, you're going to want a nearly-sheer linen shirt. Throw on something like this.

Untuckit Casablanca Shirt

untuckit untucked shirt

$78; buy now at

Untuckit has spearheaded the untucked look and brought it screaming into the mainstream. For my money, this gray selvedge number is one of their best offerings: it has the looks of denim, but the breathability of a way lighter fabric.

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